Industry Business to Business (B2B)

The challenge

Although Zirks had a refreshing take on importing and a viable business plan, they needed help turning their vision into reality.

The Zirks way, lead time is 5 weeks as opposed to at least 24


What we did

  • Web design
  • Content strategy and development
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

How we did it

Phase one

We led an alignment and messaging workshop to better understand the client’s industry, business model, target audience and communication priorities.

After identifying opportunities the innovative importer could leverage, Hileman presented a number of ways to engage the client’s prospects. Shaped by customer personas, clear-cut mission and positioning statements, and a strong value proposition, we devised a content strategy. To distinguish our client as an industry disruptor, we recommended a voice and tone that was edgy, innovative and confident, yet informal.

Phase two

The team designed an edgy landing page, complete with sharp copy, compelling statistics and an intriguing video, to educate and engage prospective customers. Fueled by the client’s feedback, we carried the same design elements throughout the website. To extend the client’s reach, company profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter were launched.

Phase three

Focused on building and sustaining customer relationships, we leveraged HubSpot as the client’s platform for sending emails, capturing leads and tracking interest.

The results

Increased Visibility

With an intuitive website and targeted email and video marketing, Zirks can now confidently engage and retain leads worldwide.

A Voice in the Market

A true industry disruptor, Zirks continues to establish itself as a thought leader that is revolutionizing the importing business.