National CMV Foundation

Industry Non-profit

The challenge

With National CMV Awareness Month approaching, the National CMV Foundation (NCMVF) needed a website refresh that reflected a more modern, feminine feel, while better aligning with their brand. Having collaborated with three established nonprofits to raise awareness of CMV, the client determined that de-regionalizing the organizations’ marketing efforts could produce dramatic results. The new-look site had to deliver a stronger user experience, compelling visitors to support this worthy cause.

Mother holding her child with her back turned, child is looking at us

All for one

After joining forces as the National CMV Foundation, the newly formed alliance was ready to engage a global audience. The first step: synthesizing the organizations’ four websites into one singularly focused, engaging website.

To execute this vision, Hileman created a robust redirect strategy, ensuring that all links on the old sites redirected to the new one – and to the pages that made sense to the end user.

While helping shape the site’s content, Hileman incorporated pertinent keywords into each of the pages. Several metrics were reviewed – including search engine rank, difficulty to rank and average monthly search – to determine which keywords would generate the most traffic.

What we did

  • Website visual refresh
  • Robust redirect strategy
  • Simplified navigation and wayfinding
  • Improved usability
  • Branding alignment

How we did it

Mother touching her baby's hand
Humanizing the photography
Various colors that are in the palette
Updating the existing color palette
internal web-page content

Improving the user experience

Hileman began the visual redesign by conducting an audit of the current site. The design team determined adding a third color to the brand palette and reimagining the imagery would soften the site’s masculine appearance. Additionally, updates to the typography, link and button styles, and iconography would complement a gentler, yet modern look.

Overview webpage

Adding a mint green color to the brand palette helped create a softer, more feminine feel, while sustaining a sophisticated, modern appearance – one that doesn’t diminish the gravity of CMV. To engage visitors emotionally, new photography was incorporated throughout the site. Presented in a softer font with thinner, more intricate iconography, the content can easily hold a visitor’s attention.

Overview webpage

The site’s intuitive design, attractive imagery and well-framed content combine to deliver a stronger user experience, from first glance to final donation.

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The results

Donations +75%

The amount of website visitors donating to NCMVF has increased by 75%

Visibility +10%

The total number of NCMVF page views has increased by 10%