B&B Electronics

User Experience Design  •  Visual Design  •  Web Development

B&B Electronics designs and manufactures data communications products for commercial and industrial applications.  With a new company vision along with recent company acquisitions, B&B needed to rebrand themselves and part of this new branding process included redesigning their current website.  The new website features over 5,000 products available in various countries and organized in an appropriate hierarchy utilizing categories, sub-categories and families.  Numerous attributes have been assigned at the product level to help users filter through the products, compare similar products, and view documentation and accessories specific to that product.  

When on the site, users are only presented products that are available for purchase in the country they are searching from.  In addition, customers are informed whether they can buy the product direct or need to purchase through a distributor.  The website also contains integrations with B&B Electronic’s back-end ERP system, shipping APIs for real time shipping estimates and validation of carrier accounts, along with a web service integration that validates tax exempt status for European orders.