How to Master Content Marketing

Content marketing is no longer a new approach to marketing. But, you’d be surprised to learn that some organizations still aren’t taking advantage of the many benefits content marketing offers to help meet business goals. In fact, according to Content Marketing Institute, only 9% of B2B marketers feel their organization’s content marketing maturity level is “sophisticated.” 

So, how do we get better at this content marketing thing? We have put together a guide to help you become a content marketing master (Note: This is not a real designation you can put on your résumé, but your friends will think it’s cool).

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Organize Your Content With an Editorial Calendar

If we know one thing in the content marketing world, it’s that managing all… that… content… is work. So, how do you go about keeping your content organized? Creating an editorial calendar will help you visualize your content publishing for the year and beyond. The great thing about the editorial calendar is that it is a living document, fluid and flexible.

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