The Dos and Don'ts of Effective Reporting

Reporting is at the heart of everything we do in marketing. All marketing efforts must be monitored and optimized to improve results. Discover the dos and don'ts of effective reporting, based on our years of digital marketing experience at Hileman Group.

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Digital Trends That Will Die by 2019

Ah, the highly anticipated (or dreaded, depending how you look at it) death list. Organizations hold their collective breath and cross their fingers trying to figure out what tactic is going to work, what’s going to die, what will take its place and then… will eventually die.

Isn’t the business world a never-ending roller coaster of fun?!

But, have no fear, friends! We can help you figure out what marketing/business tactics will die in the next year so you don’t have to waste any additional time on it. (You’re welcome.)

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Conference Bingo

It’s conference season! While they are chock full of great information, they can also be painfully boring at the same time. But, there’s help!

The marketing industry is full of our own lingo. You can’t attend a marketing conference without hearing the words “low-hanging fruit” or “synergy”. What better way to take advantage of our "grown-up" vernacular than to play a childhood game? Make the most of your next conference by playing our interactive BINGO game. Click the spaces when you hear the phrases!

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How to Master Inbound Marketing

Back in the early days of the Internet, organizations tried to reach prospects through flashy skyscraper and banner ads. Today (thankfully), newer, less aggressive tactics are used to attract customers online. Inbound marketing is a technique in which organizations use blogs, social media, SEO and paid search to influence users where they are within the buyer’s journey. 

Because customers and prospects are demanding a more personalized approach from organizations, marketers must get creative in how and when to engage. In our “Mastering Inbound Marketing” guide, we’ve outlined key inbound marketing tactics, explained what makes them so special and illustrated how you can implement them for your organization.

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Influential People to Follow in Digital Marketing

So often, we find inspiration from the things around us: a friend says something random, which, in turn, leads to your next rockstar marketing campaign; you’re out eating ice cream and the sugar rush fuels your website’s new visual design; or, you read an article from someone brilliant in your industry and what they say makes so much sense, you build on that idea and turn it not only into marketing gold, but actual gold. Hey, it could happen. But, who should you follow to get that inspiration? Well, we’ve put together a list to help get you started.

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