Kentico CMS & SplashLink: A Case Study

SplashLink, an online marketplace for the water industry, required an infrastructure that allowed users to subscribe to the virtual database and manage profiles. Conversely, the client needed to manage back-end workflow in a single system that provided an efficient way to manage the data and business processes the organization utilized. In the following case study, we review how Hileman Group helped achieve these objectives and exceeded expectations with the right CMS.

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6 Reasons You Need an Agency for Your Next Marketing Automation Campaign

Even when a marketer finds a strategic approach that works, the rapid advancement of technology can quickly turn successes into failures. Your marketing automation platform is the core of your marketing initiatives (think content marketing, demand generation and lead nurturing). When used correctly, you can manage and optimize every step of your marketing and sales process. But, do you know if you’re using your marketing automation platform to its full capability? In the following article, we illustrate 6 reasons you need an agency for your next marketing automation campaign.

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Marketing Automation Matters

Marketing Automation is defined as the outlined approach and specialized software used to organize the previously disconnected process between brand awareness and lead conversion.

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Six Ways Marketing Automation Drives Revenue

As summer quickly comes to a close, it's time to starting planning for 2016.  To do that, you have to look at previous marketing campaigns to see what worked, what didn't; what content is reaching your customers, what isn't.  What's driving revenue, what isn't.  In the following infographic, we illustrate 6 ways marketing automation drives revenue.  We hope these points will help validate your business case for 2016.   

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6 Infographics Every Digital Marketer Should Have

Effective digital marketing is a combination of good ideas, analytics and a whole lot of luck. We’re always on the lookout for the next best thing, the newest way to successfully engage our prospects and customers. And so we do our research. And more research. And still more research. Our inboxes are filled with articles to read, videos to watch, infographics to consider. We love infographics. They play to our love of visuals, telling a story better than simple words can. We’ve compiled a list of infographics we have hanging in our cubes and hope you’ll think they’re just as cool as we do.

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