Are You Ready For Account Based Marketing?

So you want to try Account Based Marketing? AWESOME! When done correctly, ABM can bring in some serious returns on your campaign investment, but setting yourself up for success is key. Take a stab at our readiness assessment to see where you net out, and we'll provide you with some feedback and suggestions to make sure you are prepared for when you are ready to launch those campaigns.

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Buyer vs User Personas: The Key Differences

While you may know that personas are helpful for defining your audience, you may not know that breaking up personas into buyers and users can help you more closely align your target audience with your goals and further understand the various roles of your audience. Not clear yet?  Have no fear! We have made a guide to help define the key differences between buyer and user personas just for you. (You’re welcome.)

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Webinar: The 5 Top Emerging Marketing Technologies To Know

Written By: Hileman Group & Drift  | 

Newly emerging marketing technology constantly offers change and growth for what marketers can accomplish. Which, let’s be real, can be both exciting and overwhelming. You may be wondering, which technologies are truly important to know and why should you really care?

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Webinar: The Power of Personalized Content in Healthcare

Written By: Hileman Group & Uberflip | 

It’s no secret the healthcare industry is evolving, being increasingly driven by consumer behavior. Where consumer brands have employed personalized experiences for years, it’s now time for the healthcare industry to follow suit.

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Webinar: The Value of MarTech Stack Planning

Written By: Hileman Group | 

In this webinar, you’ll hear the value of MarTech stacks from two people who utilize them every day: Kyle Chandler, our Director of Marketing, and Scott Mowery, Senior Director, Digital Operations at Cleveland Clinic. Watch on your own time today! 

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