Webinar: The ROI of Professional Development

Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most widely used calculations to prove the profitability of an investment. While proving ROI is easy in some aspects of business (example: a software purchase), other times, the ROI can be a little bit harder to calculate (example: professional development).

According to Gallup’s 2017 “State of the American Workplace,” only 33% of employees are engaged at work – meaning, they love their jobs and try to make their companies better every day. But – and this is scary – a whopping 51% of employees are not engaged; they’re just going through the motions.

This lack of attention can seriously affect an organization’s success. So, what can be done?

Fortunately, employee engagement programs can increase an organization’s profits. Happy employees equal productive employees. And providing professional development opportunities is a part of that. In this webinar, Tom Hileman and Valerie Kovacs from First Federal Lakewood will touch on why professional development is important, types of programs and how to get started.

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Webinar: Utilizing interactive content to solve common buyer’s journey pitfalls

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Interactive content is a great way to keep a user's attention, but not all interactive content is created equal. While some are best for acquisition, others are just a great way to make boring content interesting. In this webinar, we, along with our partners at SnapApp, present examples of interactive content and how it can be used throughout the buyer’s journey.

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Influential People to Follow in Digital Marketing

So often, we find inspiration from the things around us: a friend says something random, which, in turn, leads to your next rockstar marketing campaign; you’re out eating ice cream and the sugar rush fuels your website’s new visual design; or, you read an article from someone brilliant in your industry and what they say makes so much sense, you build on that idea and turn it not only into marketing gold, but actual gold. Hey, it could happen. But, who should you follow to get that inspiration? Well, we’ve put together a list to help get you started.

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11 Dirty Tricks of Dark UX

Dark UX is a way for designers and companies to manipulate their users into performing actions they may not know they are doing. The design and UX that go into it takes some thought and creative problem-solving to get users to achieve the intended action. But, once the user takes action, the company can profit off of the user not paying attention. Here are 11 common tricks used to manipluate website users.

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The State of B2B Marketing: A Panel Discussion Webinar

Our webinar, The State of B2B Marketing: A Panel Discussion, featured VPs of Marketing across a variety of industries throughout the Northeast Ohio region. Learn their expert opinions on current and future trends shaping B2B.

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