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Landing Page, Website, Microsite: What’s The Difference (And How Do I Choose)?

Written By: Hileman Group Marketing Team | 03/30/2021  |  0 comments

The meaning of landing page, website and microsite can get muddied in all of our digital marketing speak, but it’s important to know the unique affordances, drawbacks and applications for each digital format. And, to know when to use each. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the digital marketing trifecta. 

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November Top 10 Kentico Xperience Website

Written By: Hileman Group  |  12/04/2020  |  0 comments

We are honored to be featured in the Top 10 Kentico Xperience websites for November 2020 for a project we implemented with Tarkett Hospitality.

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How to Handle Being (Stuck at) Home for the Holidays

Written By: Hileman Group  |  12/03/2020  |  0 comments

Read our tips on how to handle being home for the holidays, from holiday movie suggestions, to ways to celebrate with family and friends, we have ideas for you! 

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How to Choose Strategic Content Priorities for Your Website

Written By: Brian Hohmeier |  09/23/2020  |  0 comments

With so many different content marketing strategies, approaches, and goals to choose from, how can you know what will be the most effective and provide the greatest ROI? Asking these five questions can help you figure out what content to tackle first, second, so on and so forth.

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How Healthcare Philanthropy Can Recover in the COVID-19 Recession

Written By: Tom Hileman |  09/09/2020  |  0 comments

For many healthcare systems, philanthropy is more than a way to fund research, program development and general operations. Unfortunately, giving has seen expected decreases during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we’ve seen this before in the financial crisis of 2008, and today, the Great Recession can provide guidance in how healthcare philanthropy and development teams might respond.

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