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Hileman Group Ranks as a 2020 Top Workplace

Written By: Hileman Group  | 07/22/2020  |  0 comments

We’re proud to announce that Cleveland.com and The Plain Dealer have named Hileman Group a Top Workplace for the fourth year in a row.

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How to Design a Winning Cycling Jersey for Your VeloSano Ride

Written By:  |  07/13/2020  |  0 comments

Even if you don’t consider yourself artistically inclined, anyone can get started on designing a fantastic cycling jersey to showcase your brand, your inspiration to ride and more. We’ve been designing jerseys for our VeloSano team for years, so here are some quick tips on ensuring your design stands out, looks great and motivates you to ride for the cure.

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Keys to a Memorable Mobile Experience

Written By: Joe Ickes |  07/01/2020  |  0 comments

As mobile internet use increases (and now surpasses desktop), a bad mobile site experience easily turns away potential customers, but a positive one can keep you bookmarked for return visits. Fortunately, creating a memorable mobile experience isn’t as complex or flashy as you might think. But getting there starts with understanding your mobile users.

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Use Your Voice: How Healthcare Content Can Respond to Audience Needs Post-COVID

Written By: Brian Cusack |  06/24/2020  |  0 comments

With exceptions, consumers and patients have been generally overwhelmed and underserved by the quality and quantity of information throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. This lack of quality, actionable information has added to consumer stress and anxiety. Fortunately, this perceived gap in clear, authoritative health content also presents healthcare providers with an opportunity to emerge with a stronger and more strategic voice.

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Mapping Your Sales and Marketing Tech Stacks

Written By: Adam Esposito |  06/17/2020  |  0 comments

The buyer's journey for B2B companies is shifting. Companies are now relying more heavily on marketing channels to engage throughout the sales process, while also looking to customer data for actionable insights to help them. With this change, mapping (taking inventory of and thoroughly assessing) your sales and marketing tech stacks is now crucial. A three-phase process can help set you up to make more strategic choices about the technology, people and processes that let you engage, convert and keep more customers.

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