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Top 5 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2018

Written By: Lea Titas | 09/14/2018  |  0 comments

Content Marketing World ended only a week ago and we're still fangirl swooning over Tina Fey. But she wasn't the only thing that came out of a great week of learning. Check out our key takeaways from CMWorld 2018.

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A Guide to Attribution Models in Digital Marketing

Written By: Michelle Law |  09/12/2018  |  0 comments

In our day and age, potential buyers rarely make a decision through a single channel. It’s more likely that as they are researching their purchases, they interact with multiple mediums (probably without even realizing it). When reporting, attribution models can help determine which mediums contribute to the desired outcome (e.g. making a purchase). Learn what attribution models are and how they can bring powerful insights into your digital marketing efforts.

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Voice Search: Things to Consider

Written By: Caitlin Matsen |  09/05/2018  |  0 comments

We are in the midst of a voice search revolution. Voice search is an increasingly popular way for technology users to find out information when they are on-the-go and want a quick and convenient answer. But what factors play into voice search and how will this impact your SEO strategy? Well, we have answers for you!

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#CMWorld 2018: Sessions to Attend

Written By: Lea Titas |  08/31/2018  |  0 comments

Content Marketing World 2018 is just around the corner! Get ready for the content marketing event of the season with our ultimate guide of sessions to attend. Please note that, just like last year, some of these session overlap, so find a buddy, divide, conquer and share notes!

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Q & A with Kate Penrod: The Future of Inclusion Design

Written By: Lea Titas |  08/27/2018  |  0 comments

TechPint, a pop-up tech conference in Cleveland, is tomorrow. And we're lucky enough to boast that one of our own, Kate Penrod, Visual Designer extraordinaire, is speaking! We sat down earlier with Kate to find out what her presentation is about and why it's so important to her.

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