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7 Reasons to Add HTML5 Ads to Your Marketing Mix

Written By: Karl Schneider | 12/11/2019  |  0 comments

Whether it’s over-produced infomercials, repetitive radio spots or the mammoth billboards lining the highways, ads have become a national nuisance. And digital ads are no exception. So how can marketers capture the attention of audiences? HTML5 ads can help. Discover how HTML5 ads can break through the digital clutter and drive stronger website traffic. 

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4 Reasons to Get Fired Up About Heatmaps

Written By: Sarah Tamilio |  12/04/2019  |  0 comments

Every day, Google gets more than 5 billion search queries, which could mean a lot of traffic for your website — but not always conversions. So how do you know what folks are doing when they get there, what’s working on your website and where you might be losing them on your pages? That’s the job of a heatmapping tool. Discover types of heatmapping tools, how heatmaps work, and how they can assist with your marketing efforts. 

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Why Modular Design Is the Future of Your Website

Written By: Sarah Tamilio |  11/27/2019  |  0 comments

There’s a lot to be said for the power of adaptation. Businesses certainly know this. And in today’s fast-changing digital marketing climate, businesses must also be prepared to continually adapt the content they communicate to their customers to keep them informed and engaged. Modular web design makes that easier — by design. Discover the benefits of modular design for your website. 

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5 Ways to Be a Website Worth Visiting (Fresh Content and Engaging Design Aren’t Enough)

Written By: Craig Minch |  11/20/2019  |  0 comments

Your website plays an important role for your business. It is your public face to potential customers, a first impression and an always-open front door to your company. When it comes to a website’s appeal, a slick interface and clever content can only take it so far. For a website to truly be effective, it needs to perform well — on every device, every time. To help make sure it does, here are five best practices to elevate your business’s website.

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Why Video Storytelling Brings Brands to Life

Written By: Michael Cioffi |  11/13/2019  |  0 comments

At a time when capturing customers' attentions is more challenging than ever, the most successful companies are telling the right stories. The kind that stop us in our tracks, move us emotionally, invite us to reimagine a concept or challenge us to change our perspective. And they’re doing it with video. Discover the power of brand storytelling and how to successfully achieve this with video. 

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