What Does a Marketing Automation Specialist Do?

By: Angela Ruggeri  | 08/08/2018

A marketing automation specialist wears many hats. From landing page creation to campaign automation and marketing strategy, an automation specialist touches almost every stage of the marketing funnel. Here are three important functions of the marketing automation specialist and how they are important to any organization.


1. Build Email Engagement Programs

During a typical week, a marketing automation specialist might create a new email engagement program with 10 new emails for brand awareness. They create the campaign and automation steps, size and format images and then build out the individual emails.


2. Reengagement Campaigns

A marketing automation specialist can also be asked to create reengagement campaigns to generate leads that have gone cold or to up-sell current customers. The process includes meeting with clients in order to better understand their goals and objectives to then brainstorming reengagement tactics that have been successful. The specialist presents new strategies, which are approved by the client before they are built.


3. Marketing Dashboards

One of our favorite types of activities is to develop data dashboards. For these, the marketing automation specialist creates and runs reports out of the marketing automation platform. They use another third party program to represent the data visually for easier consumption. Dashboards are used to analyze data in order to understand what tactics are working, what areas had room for improvement and then communicate marketing trends and suggestions for future optimizations. [side note: if you're looking to get a little more information on dashboards, join us for our next webinar!]


Marketing automation specialists have the opportunity every day to make a big impact on marketing efforts, whether it’s email optimization, content strategy or marketing campaign optimization. The most successful specialists have a deep understanding of the tool they're using, the customer they're trying to target and strategies to get them in the door. There are many resources out there to help you become an effective specialist, but the best chance you have at success is to hire an agency who specializes in marketing automation.



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