[webinar] Why Automation Matters in Healthcare

By: Hileman Group  | 08/24/2021

Learn how increased efficiency meets audience personalization in digital marketing automation. COVID-19 spurred a wave of modernization efforts to deliver patients the best possible care in a newly virtual environment. Healthcare organizations are automating administrative work to free up practitioners and provide better care to more patients than ever.

In this Adobe-Hileman Group discussion session, you will hear how top healthcare marketing experts –Paul Wood [Cohen Veterans Network], Megan Pruce [Vanderbilt University Medical Center] and Tom Hileman [Hileman Group] – are focusing their strategies to deliver a bigger impact to consumers in an increasingly virtual environment.


This one-hour webinar includes information on:

  • The current state of automation in the healthcare industry
  • The immediate benefits of automation efforts
  • How to personalize and better connect with an audience post-COVID
  • How to overcome possible roadblocks
  • How to get your organization ready to support marketing automation



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