[webinar] A Review of the Evolving Healthcare Marketing Technology Landscape

By: Hileman Group  | 05/25/2021

According to ChiefMartec, there are over 8,000 solutions in the marketing technology landscape. And that number only continues to grow. With a seemingly endless supply of options, how can healthcare systems identify the tools that are right for their organization and leverage these mar-tech stacks to meet their goals?

In this roundtable discussion session, you will hear how top healthcare marketing experts – Tom Swanson [Adobe], Scott Mowery [Cleveland Clinic], Mike Linnert [SymphonyRM] and Tom Hileman [Hileman Group] – are developing and refining their mar-tech stacks to better implement and measure marketing programs.

This one-hour webinar features:

  • How healthcare organizations are keeping up with the ever-changing landscape
  • How these technologies help develop a 360-degree view of the patient
  • How health systems use mar-tech to drive ongoing patient loyalty





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