#hilemanhero - The Results

By: Lea Titas  | 09/16/2015

Google defines superhero as a “benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers”.  We at Hileman Group think there are no humans more equipped for superhuman powers than marketers.  Who else can save us from ourselves?!

Have to meet significant business goals on an insignificant budget? 
 -  Call Sir Cash-a-Lot!

Lack of an effective marketing plan?
 -  Have no fear, Super Strategist is here!

Inability to measure effectiveness? 
 -  Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Optimizer knows…
While at CMWorld last week, we asked some of the brightest minds in the content marketing world:
"What would your content marketing superhero name be?"
And here are the results (if there was a superhero awards show, these guys would be there)!

Play the game with us!  What would your content marketing superhero name be?  Sound off in the comments below and share your pictures on our Instagram page, @hilemangroup or search for #hilemanhero!


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