TogetherDigital: Providing Female Professional Development

By: Caitlin Matsen  | 03/20/2019

Women in Digital, now called TogetherDigital (emphasis on the Together), recently announced their rebranding at the SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas. Despite their new name and new website, their purpose remains the same: empower women and provide them with a space and community that propels women forward and aids in their professional development. Our very own Kate Penrod, Senior Visual Designer, is the Vice President of the Cleveland, Ohio chapter and former membership chair of the group. She answered several questions to provide greater insight into what the group means to her, and what the future of TogetherDigital looks like.


How did you hear about TogetherDigital and what made you want to get involved?

I learned about the group from a one of our clients who is involved in the group. I was interested in learning more about the organization, especially in the learning and growth aspect of the group. The organization has allowed me to meet so many Cleveland women in technology and also provided me with a national network of women involved in the digital field.


What do you think differentiates this organization from other groups?

While the organization certainly focuses on female empowerment, what makes it unique and different for me is that it truly provides you with a community focused on helping each other grow in our careers. The organization provides resources and knowledge on how to network, general career advice, and lots of support through the widespread network of women who are a part of the group. We have a national slack channel, which is just one example of ways you can reach out to women across states for help or information in your field or other areas of expertise. This growth is truly valuable.


What learning opportunities has the group provided you with?

The group not only provides a general community for advice and knowledge, we also have access to many speaking events where we can learn more and gain more expertise. I have been able to listen to great presentations and speakers, ranging from learning about social influencers to hearing from CMOs of companies. The members share podcasts, books and industry-specific learning materials. Being a part of this organization has allowed me to learn more about other areas of expertise, such as various aspects of marketing. I come from a design background, but this new information has helped me with my work.


IN YOUR OPINION, What does the future of the Organization look like?

The association has a new name and new website, but it remains a group for women who come together to learn and build off of each other. Their purpose is about you finding your power. According to their mission statement, "When we leave competition at the door and lift each other up, the tables aren’t just turned – they’re flipped. Have Power. Will Share."

The group continues to work towards growing female confidence and learning, providing skills for negotiation, public speaking, networking and many others. TogetherDigital seeks to encompass all areas of digital work, providing a space for women to come together and learn.

Learn more about TogetherDigital by visiting their new site. Professional development is crucial for learning and growing and Hileman Group is proud to be a firm supporter of continued learning and growth. If you want to learn more ways that you can implement professional development in you career, watch a recording of our webinar on the ROI of professional development.


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