The Intern Experience: 2017 Edition

By: Lea Titas  | 08/11/2017

Another Hileman Group summer internship has come to a close. We had some amazing talent with us this summer from Alicia Chang (our Marketing intern), Caitlyn Horn (our Development intern), Jennifer Straniero (our Accounts intern), and Gaby Taccir (our Creative intern), and will be really sad to see them go. But how did they feel? To find out, we asked them some questions, and, because we own them for a few more hours, they answered!

       (From L to R: Caitlyn, Gaby, Alicia, Jen)


What was the favorite thing you worked on?

AC: I got to develop, present, and execute a digital marketing plan for Hileman! It was a great strategy and planning exercise, and I also brought in a bunch of tools that I have been learning to use throughout the internship, including Google Analytics and Marketo.

CH: My favorite project has to be a client's website redesign. Working with the other interns to create a whole website from start to finish was a very unique experience for me. I’m so grateful that the company believed in us to take on a whole project ourselves (with help from our lovely mentors, of course) and I’m very proud of our results.

JS: I loved working on website builds and website redesigns. As someone who has no technology knowledge or background, I felt really cool inserting images or content on a website before it launched.


What was your biggest takeaway?

AC: The main thing I learned is that there is so much more to marketing to learn. I’m not an expert at anything, but I’ve taken the first step and I know where to go from here.

CH: Aside from the technical skills I gained during my internship, I think my biggest takeaway was working on a team. Hileman Group has such a great culture and I always felt like I was being encouraged to learn and develop my skills, but also that I could always ask questions if I needed to.

JS: Marketing classes and academics are important, but digital marketing is changing and advancing so fast that real world experience is critical. My biggest takeaway is realizing that digital marketing is an industry where I will never stop learning and I love that.

GT: Learning how in depth the interaction and reaction is between the user and the final product. Web design and visual design is an interesting type of art where, as you are typically told not to touch the artwork in a museum, we want you play with the artwork and see how it enhances your experience in connection to a brand, product, or platform.


Advice for future interns?

AC: You will make mistakes. Own up to them, work harder, and learn to do your job better. Internships are the best time to improve yourself!

CH: Enjoy every minute of it because your internship will fly by!

JS: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone is so willing to help.

GT: You are here to learn, take advantage of the opportunity to ask all types of professionals their background, their methods, their tools, etc., because you never know what you will find out.


If you had to do it over again, would you? What would you do differently?

AC: I would not trade this experience at Hileman Group for anything. The only thing that I wish I had done this summer is requesting a desk further away from the office snacks. 

CH: I absolutely would! Hileman Group has offered me such a great experience and I’ve met so many wonderful folks I would do this summer over again in a heartbeat. I can’t really think of anything I would want to do differently, except maybe go to a few more Walnut Wednesdays.

JS: Yes! I would absolutely do it over again.

GT: Yes, I would do over again. I was in an interesting situation where I technically started late since I started the day after I graduated from college and need to leave early for a full-time position out of state. And I am honestly a bit sad that I have had a shorter than average internship and I would have like to be here for longer due to being a part of many different types of projects. The only thing I would have done differently is…had more time.


Describe Hileman Group in 3 words.

AC: Best Summer Ever! Or if you wanted something a little more traditional—Community, Growth, Effectiveness

CH: Collaborative, hard-working, and innovative.

JS: Positive. Supportive. Enthusiastic.

GT: Driven, Focused, Caring.


From everyone at Hileman Group, thank you guys so much for all your hard work this summer and good luck in all your future endeavors!



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