TL;DR Video Series Episode 1: 23 Principles for Designing More Persuasive Landing Pages

By: Hileman Group  | 12/26/2018

In marketing, it’s hard to find ample time to read long-form, industry-related content pieces that seemingly publish every few minutes. But, alas, ongoing education is a necessary evil in this fast-paced industry. What’s a harried-yet-hardworking marketer to do?
Introducing Hileman Group’s TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) video series, in which we simplify those long-form content pieces into short, concise video snippets. Created specifically for the marketer with a lot on their plate, this series un-complicates a somewhat complicated process, streamlining the tools you need to do your job effectively.
In our first video, we break down “Attention-Driven Design: 23 Principles for Designing More Persuasive Landing Pages” by Oli Gardner of Unbounce. Enjoy!


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