Spring Cleaning for Your Paid Search Accounts

By: Caroline Amantea  | 08/09/2016

Spring has sprung! The sun is out, the flowers are blooming... and your allergies are probably going insane. But is the dust tickling your nose coming from your office, or from your neglected paid search accounts?

When you let your paid search accounts fall to the wayside, you run the risk of overspending, as well as missing out on opportunities to optimize your accounts. A couple factors that might contribute to overspending are:

  • Investing too much money into underperforming keywords
  • Allowing your ads to show up for irrelevant queries, which could be maintained by performing regular negative keyword reports

As far as account optimizations, we all know how often Google announces algorithm updates. If you fail to keep an eye on your accounts, you could be missing out on simple ways to improve your campaigns.

Take a look at these 3 suggestions for kicking off your paid search spring cleaning:

  1. Reorganize your campaigns and ad groups.
    Q1 is a busy time for setting up new paid search accounts. If you were pressed for time, you might’ve shoved all of your keywords into one ad group under one campaign. Take some time to break out your ad groups, ads and keywords in a more organized fashion. Not only does this make your account easier to navigate, it also ensures that the searches triggering your ads are the most relevant to your audience.

  2. Clean up your keywords.
    If you’re checking up on a paid search account after a month or two, you may notice alerts for “Below first page bid” or “Limited by budget.” Take some time to optimize those bids and budgets where necessary. Also, take a look at some of your keywords that haven’t performed in a while. If you notice high costs and low acquisitions, pause the keywords for a while to allow your better-performing keywords to convert. Another way to clean up your keywords is to begin adding negatives. This, too, will help with high costs and low conversions.

  3. Refresh your ads.
    Google recently announced they’re pulling right sidebar ads from the SERPs. This means less real estate potential and way more competition for those top three or four paid spots. Work your way to the top by sprucing up your ads. Be sure to use relevant keywords in your headlines and body copy, and add a related keyword to your display URLs. This gives your audience a clear idea where they’ll go after clicking your ad.

Keeping up with a handful of paid search accounts can be hard to juggle. If you’re looking for a quick way to streamline paid search account maintenance, try spending 15-20 minutes in each account every week. Keep the above tips in mind to quickly identify opportunities and keep your account in tip-top shape.

Happy cleaning!

Tell us, how do you manage your paid search accounts?  Sound off in the comments below!

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