Who Would Win the Social Media Presidency - Take 2

By: Caitlin Baker  | 10/12/2016

Back in March, we did an exercise to determine who would win the presidency at that moment in time, based solely on a candidate’s social and digital presence. But, like the politicians, things have changed in the past six months. 

Both major parties held their conventions, which narrowed the Republican and Democrat contenders down to just two. As America operates pretty much on a two-party system, most of the election folly has been strictly focused on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But since the conventions have been held, many Americans are starting to realize they are stuck with two options that don’t necessarily work for them. This has opened the door for third party candidates to come in and be heard – more than ever before.

We thought it would be really interesting to run this exercise again, but throwing third party candidates into the mix to see where things shake out this time. We’ll also get to compare the numbers for Hillary and Donald to then vs. now – which, again, could tell a different story.

So, as a refresher, here’s the previous blog post. We picked Hillary as the winner then, let’s see who wins the social media presidency today!

How we will measure:

  • The candidate’s Klout score
  • The amount followers they have on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • The domain authority of their website

The contenders:

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Gary Johnson
  4. Jill Stein

Round 1: Klout scores

Klout scores measure social influence on a scale of 1-100, 100 being best. Think: how likely a person is to impact someone else through new media outlets, like their social media platforms.

Last March, Hillary had a Klout score of 94 and Donald was trailing her with a score of 88.

  1. Hillary Clinton – up two points to 96
  2. Donald Trump – up one point to 89
  3. Gary Johnson – 95
  4. Jill Stein – 85

Winner: We’re calling this round… too close to call.

When looking at the five candidates from the two big parties in March, only Hillary was in the 90s. Having not only another candidate in the 90s, but only one point behind Hillary is significant. A Klout score is calculated using many variables, including Klout scores of those following you. Gary and Hillary have almost an identical score, which means not only are these two the most influential candidates, but those that follow and support them are also very influential. This could be something that’s really important, especially for a third-party candidate who relies a lot on the grassroots movement of their base.

Round 2: Website Domain Authority

A website’s domain authority (DA) is a measure of the power of domain name. It’s measured on a logarithmic scale from 1-100, 100 being best. The logarithmic scale means it is much more difficult for a site to move from 60 to 70 than it is to move from 10 to 20. The domain authority helps predict how well a website will rank in organic searches, as well as measures the strength of your website over time.

Last March, Hillary had a DA of 68 and Donald trailed with a DA of 53.

  1. Hillary Clinton – up 13 points 81
  2. Donald Trump – up 26 points to 79
  3. Gary Johnson – 61
  4. Jill Stein – 71

Winner: Clinton – by the smallest margin

The jump Hillary and Donald took in domain authority over the last six months is really impressive. They clearly have people on their teaming working to get rid of bad links and have gained a great number of links back to their site from other authoritative sites. This also leads one to believe that a focus was put on getting the technical SEO right. It just goes to show you that a good SEO and link outreach plan can do wonders for your site.

Both candidates seem to have found the right mix of content and links for their users. We could say that for Jill Stein as well.  Hillary takes this round, but barely. Next week, the story could easily be different.

Round 3: Social Followers

We’ve made it to the final round! This round will pit all the contenders against each other, based on the amount of followers they’ve gained on the three most popular social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Like mentioned above, a candidate’s supporters and followers can sometimes be just as important as the candidates themselves.  These are the people that are going to drive your campaign momentum. With November right around the corner, this is important now more than ever.

Last March, Donald had 13,592,518 total followers with Hillary trailing at 9,080,883.

  1. Hillary Clinton – 18,331,321
    1. Facebook: 6,671,321
    2. Twitter:  9,360,000
    3. Instagram: 2,300,000
  2. Donald Trump – 25,481,342
    1. Facebook: 10,981,342
    2. Twitter: 12,000,000
    3. Instagram: 2,500,000
  3. Gary Johnson – 2,059,069
    1. Facebook: 1,622,369
    2. Twitter: 359,000
    3. Instagram: 77,700
  4. Jill Stein – 850,955
    1. Facebook: 595,255
    2. Twitter: 236,000
    3. Instagram: 19,700

Winner: Trump

Once again, Donald takes this round in a landslide. Like before, this probably has a lot to do with his pointed, no-holds-barred commentary. People like seeing this – whether it’s because they support him or they just like to create political wars in the comments section is still yet to be seen.

So, who takes the White House this time? Like most of America, we honestly do not know. Even our digital marketing perspective couldn’t give us an answer this time; it’s just too close to tell. We can say that neither of two big parties should be discounting the third party candidates. It looks a like a groundswell may be upon us. Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

No matter the outcome, it’s safe to say that history will be made in this election, one way or another. And of course, as always, we’ll have commentary on that history-making vote, right here on our Hile-lights blog!


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