Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Digital Marketing

By: Scott Taylor  | 11/29/2017

Small businesses face unique challenges. From growing client base while managing money to marketing in the face of new technologies, it’s both an exciting and overwhelming time to be a small business. Not so long ago, SMBs focused their marketing dollars on traditional marketing – billboards, radio and TV. However, as digital marketing spending has consistently grown in double-digital increments year over year, it’s time to get on board if you haven’t already. Below are a few reasons small businesses should invest in digital marketing.


Increases efficiency in marketing and sales

When evaluating ROI on digital marketing, organizations typically look past the money saved through time efficiency. Digital marketing allows marketers to more easily replicate previous tasks, which saves time in the long run. By simply cloning previous campaigns, marketers can spend more time on strategy and less time on building marketing assets.

Digital marketing also allows time to be saved on the sales side. When the marketing team is properly optimizing their efforts and targeting the right audience, the sales prospects become more qualified. This targeted approach lets the sales team use most of their time talking to prospects that are ready to purchase.


Teaches you about your business

The analytics behind digital marketing gives you visibility into what tactics are working, and sometimes more importantly, what tactics aren’t working. By aligning these analytics with key performance indicators (KPIs), your organization can quickly shift budget away from the underperforming tactics/campaigns, and allocate more budget towards the tactics/campaigns that are driving business success.

The less companies know about their KPIs, the less likely they are to meet their revenue goals. According to HubSpot, 74% of companies that weren't exceeding revenue goals did not know their visitor, lead, MQL, or sales opportunities

These analytics can also provide visibility into who is interested in your organization’s products or services. With all of the demographic data provided through Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and social media platforms, you can better understand your target audience. This is important when optimizing your marketing budget, but it can also have impact on other areas of your business.


Trust, reputation and the competition

A good online presence creates a great experience for your audience, and positively impacts your brand’s reputation. On the flipside, the lack of a presence online can cause your audience to lose trust in your brand, resulting in them looking to your competitors to solve their needs. This competition is very evident when it comes to search engines.

Search engine results pages (SERPs) display the competitors in your industry who have a handle on their SEO and digital marketing efforts. Where you rank is also very important for your customer. The first position on Google SERP on desktop has a 34.36% click-through rate, while on mobile, it has a 31.35% click-through rate. If your own brand reputation doesn’t motivate you to get started, then take a look at how much digital market share your competitors are starting to take.


Sets you and your business up for future success

Once you start using digital, it’s easier to learn about emerging trends, software updates, and enhancements to various platforms and technology. The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving and is full of new buzzwords and trends every day. This can become overwhelming, but trust me, once you start using digital marketing, the learning curve become less daunting.

The good news is there are tons of classes, certifications, and conferences, making it easier to learn and grow.



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