Q & A with Tom Hileman: Marketing in Healthcare

By: Lea Titas  | 03/28/2017

Today, Tom Hileman is participating in a panel discussion at the Hospital Marketing and Consumer Engagement Summit in Nashville, TN.  The discussion, "Optimize Digital Spend Using Marketing Automation" is moderated by Paul Matsen, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Cleveland Clinic, and examines how top-performing organizations activate market segmentation and deploy marketing automation at the national and regional levels to drive volume, population health, and brand preference.

We interviewed Tom before he left to get his take on marketing within the healthcare industry.

  • What sparked your interest in this topic? I am interested in the evolution of healthcare in our society and, specifically, the changes in healthcare marketing due to the increase in consumer interest and behaviors in the industry.

  • How can marketing automation help healthcare marketers?  Marketing automation helps healthcare marketers better understand how patients engage with marketing campaigns and web properties. This understanding improves our ability to market effectively by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.  This true one-to-one marketing, coupled with strong analytics, provides a powerful marketing platform to deliver business value.

  • How does data privacy and compliance affect the marketer’s ability to engage patients? Marketers need to be careful in the data they gather about patients and how they handle the data.  The patient's private information needs to be separated from the marketing information we gather.  With great care and appropriate processes, patient’s compliance needs can be managed effectively.

  • How do you measure success within the healthcare industry? Typically, the ultimate measure is ROI and the measurement of revenue generated by marketing activities.

  • What’s the best advice you can give a healthcare marketer? To keep the customer (patient) as the focus for all marketing efforts.  Healthcare is one of the most personal purchase decisions a person ever makes and we need to remember this as we craft the messaging and deliver it to the appropriate audience.

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