Q & A with Marketo Champion Chelsea Kiko: The Future of Marketing Automation

By: Lea Titas  | 04/23/2018

Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit is just around the corner and our very own Chelsea Kiko is presenting at the event as a Marketo Champion! See what she has to say about Marketo, the future of marketing automation and more.


First off, congratulations on becoming a Marketo Marketing Champion for the second year in a row! What does this distinction mean to you?

Yes, thanks! It’s really exciting to be recognized not just once, but multiple times now. Marketo has helped evolve my career to what it is today. I went from just out of college, not knowing anything about marketing automation really to now leading a team of certified experts and being a Marketo Champion myself. I feel like not a lot of people can say a platform has grown their career, but I feel like Marketo truly has. It’s really a career-kicker.


So, it’s kind of a big deal.

Yeah, and it’s more about how to advocate for Marketo. I do a lot in my (not-so-free) time to advocate for Marketo. It’s a great platform and I really love what I do, so I’m happy to have the opportunity to talk about it.


And, to add to that, you’re also speaking at the Marketo conference this year. What is your topic?

It’s about sales and marketing alignment. It’s Stranger Things themed because I love the show and we’re all a bunch of nerds. But, the presentation is about not getting lost in the “upside down” of your sales funnel (“upside down” is a Stranger Things thing). I focus on how sales and marketing need to be on the same team. I then get in the weeds a little, talking about setting up interesting moments, Marketo sales insights, how to use alerts and tasks in the best way to help your sales team and strengthen the relationship between marketing and sales because that relationship can get hairy.


Why did you choose that topic?

It’s what I have the most experience in. In my career, I have built a lot of custom lead scoring alerts and interesting moments to help fit the needs of the sales team. It’s more of an intermediate topic, so attendees should know a little about Marketo, but you don’t have to be an expert. Sales and marketing alignment is huge for most B2B and B2C companies, so it’s important to learn how to leverage what’s in the system already to help sales teams get leads.


What do you see for the future of marketing automation?

That’s a good question. Well, first, [laughter] I hope that Marketo never goes out of business since so much of my career is about them. I see more technological alignment. You see so many more people getting certified in both CRM and MA platforms because they blend so much more these days that companies are looking for people who can fulfill both roles. So, even though I’m in a strategy role, one of my goals is learning more of the technical aspects so I can speak to them. I feel like MA is really just vamping up, it hasn’t even hit its peak yet. There are so many more companies saying, “What’s this marketing automation thing?”


I know you’re getting pretty excited about the upcoming event. Do you have any specific tracks you’re looking forward to attending?

There are a couple I want to see. There’s another local Champion, Dan Stevens, who’s doing the same presentation as me (we have the same topic), so I’m interested to see how he does it differently. He’s a B2B company, so I want to see how he’s presenting this information so I can learn a different perspective. There are a lot of Champion tracks that I want to see. These are the people who are in the platform every single day. Every presentation I’ve seen by a Champion has been really useful for me. They’ll show screenshots of an instance showing you how they do it. And, of course, I want to meet Lindsey Vonn, I’m really excited about her. I’m like, “Finally, a strong female lead.”  And then there’s Sarah Kennedy Ellis, Marketo’s CMO. I’m excited to hear from her – she’s pretty new on the job, so I’m excited to see she’s going to change things.  


Thanks, Chelsea, for the great interview! Be on the lookout for Chelsea’s blog post later this week as she shares the top sessions to see this year at Marketing Nation!



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