Paid Social Media Advertising: A Tutorial

By: Michelle Law  | 02/24/2016

Data shared and collected through social media has provided an unparalleled opportunity for marketers. Paid social media advertising has opened doors to targeting extremely niche audiences and, when implemented correctly, paid social media advertising can accelerate progress to your marketing goals.

But before jumping in blindly, follow this tutorial for beginner paid social media advertisers. 

  1. Establish the goals of your new paid social media advertising campaign. Are you looking to increase page followers, drive website visits, or generate leads? Without a pre-set goal, it will be difficult to measure success.
  2. Determine your target audience. Who are you trying to reach and what message are you communicating to them? It is also essential to review current content to see if there is existing content that aligns or new content needs to be created to support the campaign.
  3. Identify the networks.  Once the goal, audience, and message have been defined, it is time to identify which networks will be used. Each network offers individual advantages over each other. Research and compare audience targeting within each network as well as the expected cost-per-goal to finalize your selection.
  4. Enable tracking.  Based on the goal and network determined it is imperative for tracking to be set in place to measure your goal. Many of the social media advertising platforms provide excellent analytics on engagement, but additional steps may need to be taken to if you are measuring leads or a specific action on your site or app.
  5. Launch the program.  Once you have the steps above completed, you are ready to launch your paid social campaign. Implement within the selected networks and set your campaign budgets.
  6. Analyze and optimize.  The last step is analyzing the campaign and optimizing for on-going success. Based on the tracking in place, you can identify areas for improvement whether it is a change in audience, messaging, or networks.

We wish you the best of luck with your paid social media advertising campaigns!

Tell us, how do you manage your paid social media campaigns?  Sound off in the comments below!

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