October 2019

CMO Series - Voice, The Next Frontier

Written By: Allen Ginsberg | 10/30/2019  |  0 comments

In this month's installment of the CMO series, Allen Ginsberg is contributing his thoughts on the state of “Voice.” Is voice the next frontier for marketers? Given the rapid growth of the industry, it’s hard to argue. Some have said it’s just another consumer interface, but voice may be more important than social in the near future.

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How In-Person Whiteboarding Fosters Collaboration and Creativity in Real Time

Written By: Joe Ickes |  10/23/2019  |  0 comments

Move over, PowerPoint — there’s a better way businesses can communicate with colleagues, clients and prospective customers. A simple yet engaging alternative welcomes sketches, two-way conversations and all kinds of feedback: the whiteboard. 

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Website Accessibility 1, Domino’s 0. What’s Your Score?

Written By: Kate Penrod  |  10/16/2019  |  0 comments

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition from Domino’s to hear their appeal after a lower court effectively ruled that their website must be accessible to those with disabilities. Yet while some may see this as a huge win in the fight for mandatory website accessibility and web equality, it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Learn more about ADA compliance and the current state of website accessibility laws.

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Don’t Let Google API Fees Devour Your Website Budget

Written By: Jordan Hanchin  |  10/09/2019  |  0 comments

In the summer of 2018, it happened. Google made sweeping changes to its API products, including the popular Google Maps used on countless websites. It’s a decision that has hit developers and entrepreneurs particularly hard in a very sensitive place — their budgets. Discover these tips and tricks for preventing Google API costs from eating at your budget.

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Advance Your Marketing and Paid Search With AI

Written By: Brett Colasanti |  10/02/2019  |  0 comments

Google Search uses it to spot trends. Retargeted Facebook ads use it to reunite customers with their abandoned shopping carts. Even Netflix uses it to suggest shows based on your viewing preference or rating. Projected to be a $71 billion global market by 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a powerful tool for digital marketers. Whether you’re marketing your business, or you’ve been hired to market someone else’s, you’ll want to tap into the power of AI.

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