October 2018

13 of Our Favorite Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Written By: Lea Titas | 10/31/2018  |  0 comments

According to Convince and Convert, 12 million people listened to a podcast for the first time in the last year. (I happen to be one of those 12 million.) As a newbie, I asked my friends at work what podcasts I should be listening to and we came up with this great list. Whether you're looking for a true crime story, industry-specific content or to better yourself, there's a podcast for you.

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Say Goodbye to Google+

Written By: Emily Otter |  10/24/2018  |  0 comments

Hileman Group is a huge advocate of education, whether it's ongoing professional development or helping high school students figure out what they want to when they grow up. We asked our job shadow, Emily Otter, senior at a local high school, to write a blog post about something she's passionate about. Here, she talks about the Google+ shutdown.

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Business Trends That Will Die by 2019

Written By: Lea Titas |  10/17/2018  |  0 comments

Halloween is quickly approaching. We love Halloween as it's the one time of year we can wear PJs to work and say it's part of a costume. Or tell scary stories, like that time no one could sleep after our fearless leader told us about a time when the internet did not exist. Yikes! Or when we get to talk about the death of certain business trends. Check out our list of trends we predict will die in 2019.

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Favorite Browser Extensions Every Developer (and Everyone Else) Should Have

Written By: Kevin Schroeder |  10/10/2018  |  0 comments

Every developer (front- or back-end) has their own set of tricks and tips. And those tricks sometimes include browser extensions. Here is a list of a few of our favorites, some are for convenience, some are just plain old necessity.

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[webinar invite] Using Interactive Content to Make Boring Content Engaging

Written By: Lea Titas |  10/04/2018  |  0 comments

Marketing content can be painfully bland. Why not try interactive content in your next campaign to spice things up? Join us for an interactive (see what we did?) webinar as we partner up with our friends at SnapApp to present a new way to engage your prospects through the buyer's journey. 

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