October 2016

[webinar] The Marriage of Traditional and Digital Marketing

Written By: Alex Greger | 10/26/2016  |  0 comments

Last week, we partnered with Kentico to present "The Marriage of Traditional and Digital Marketing".  In the webinar, we presented new tactics and best practices to effectively join traditional and digital marketing strategies in holy matrimony.  

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#RallyTogether in Cleveland!

Written By: Lea Titas |  10/19/2016  |  0 comments

October in Cleveland.  Most years, it means changing leaves, pumpkin everything and Christmas decorations (seriously, it isn't even Halloween, people!).  But, there are (very) few times in Cleveland that October means post-season baseball.   And this October is one of those times.  We'd personally like to thank the Cleveland Cavaliers for giving our city hope – we might actually WIN this whole thing!  When was the last time we said that?!  We're only one game away from the World Series – we're so excited, we can't stand ourselves.  So, to honor Cleveland and our newfound hope, here are a few reasons we love our C-Town.  

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Who Would Win the Social Media Presidency - Take 2

Written By: Caitlin Baker |  10/12/2016  |  0 comments

Back in March, we did an exercise to determine who would win the presidency at that moment in time, based solely on a candidate’s social and digital presence. But, like the politicians, things have changed in the past six months. We thought it would be really interesting to run this exercise again, but throwing third party candidates into the mix to see where things shake out this time.

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Celebrate Our Cleveland Indians with a Desktop Wallpaper!

Written By: Lea Titas |  10/05/2016  |  0 comments

What a great time to be a Cleveland fan!  First the Cavs, now the Indians!  We are AL Central champions for the first time in 9 years and couldn't be more excited!  With home field advantage, our first AL Division Series game is Thursday night and already, the city is alive with Indians fever.  Could this be another championship in the making?  Only time will tell.  But, for now, we're going to show our pride by offering Progressive Field as our desktop wallpaper to show our Indians pride.  #RallyTogether

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