Buying Social Media Followers: Good or Bad Advice?

By: Michelle Law  | 11/11/2015

Most organizations are making the investment in social media. Posting every day. Responding to interactions. Sharing their content. But is it generating the results you expect?

Social networks, particularly Facebook, have made it more challenging for an organization's organic posts to be seen. Only about 2% of your current Facebook following is likely to see your post organically, let alone engage with it. Ask yourself, is that worth your current investment in social media? Maybe, maybe not, but the best way to improve this number is to grow your social media audience.

Building up your social media following increases the number of eyes on your content. It is an investment in your investment and, when done the right way, buying social media followers can produce results. The key is to buy social media followers correctly. Follow these best practices to ensure you are adding the right new followers.

  1. Don’t use zombie accounts. Never pay a 3rd party to immediately increase your following by the thousands. Those new “followers” are almost always fake or inactive accounts. Instead, set up a new followers campaign within the Twitter or Facebook advertising platform.
  2. Use a highly targeted audience. When setting up a new followers campaign, select an audience that will engage with the content you are sharing. (Pro tip- the more engaged your audience is with your ads, the less you will pay per follower!)
  3. Boost your social posts. Along with new follower campaigns, boost your posts for engagement and you will get new followers as a (free) side-effect.
  4. Post to your accounts regularly. Don’t buy social media followers if you aren’t going to make the investment to post regularly.
  5. Measure success by engagement. If you only focus on the number of followers, you will lose sight of the end goal. Work on building a community of people who are interested in the same topic.

If you use these best practices, buying social media followers is a great way to build on your social media investment and grow your following appropriately.  

Tell us, how does your organization invest in social media?  Sound off in the comments below!


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