November 2015


Written By: Lea Titas | 11/25/2015  |  0 comments

'Tis the season to be thankful!  As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we at Hileman Group wanted to give thanks and share our many reasons to be thankful this year, hashtag style (we just can't get away from our digital marketing roots).  

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The Importance of Content Relevancy in the Ever-Changing Insurance Industry

Written By: Tammy Cameron, Hylant |  11/23/2015  |  0 comments

How do you make content interesting in what’s typically considered a boring industry? You reach and engage the right audience with the right information and suddenly the information is relevant – not boring.  Well-written and creative content in any industry is interesting if you know your audience.

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The Dos and Don'ts of B2B Blogging

Written By: Lea Titas |  11/18/2015  |  0 comments

If you’re reading this post, you have a good idea what blogging is.  But, do you know why your business should have a blog?  And how to get started?

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Hileman Group At-A-Glance: November

Written By: Lea Titas |  11/14/2015  |  0 comments

November was a busy month at Hileman Group. With the holidays and end-of-year hustle and bustle, we are trying to accomplish as much as we can in the amount of time we have left in the year.  It takes a lot of manpower (and coffee).  In the following infographic, we highlight the major activities completed for the month of November.       

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Buying Social Media Followers: Good or Bad Advice?

Written By: Michelle Law |  11/11/2015  |  0 comments

Most organizations are making the investment in social media. Posting every day. Responding to interactions. Sharing their content. But is it generating the results you expect?

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B2B Marketing Technologies: A Growing or Shrinking Industry?

Written By: Kyle Chandler |  11/04/2015  |  0 comments

The marketing technology industry is one that is filled with thousands of buzzwords and software that has the capabilities of fitting any niche available in the marketplace. Gartner alone has 12 different categories in the digital marketing space! Everything from predictive campaign analytics to content management systems (CMS). However, even with a space that is flooded with new competitors every month, a trend has begun to arise and an unexpected one at that… consolidation.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper for November!

Written By: Lea Titas |  11/02/2015  |  0 comments

Ah, Cleveland.  Our home.  Founded in 1796, located in between the shores of Lake Erie and the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, the city was originally known as a manufacturing hub due to its location to major waterways and railroads.  Nowadays, Cleveland is known for its rich, diverse culture, its extreme, ever-changing weather, and its "love 'em or hate 'em" sports teams.  

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