Meet the 2019 Interns!

By: Caitlin Matsen  | 06/20/2019

It's that time of the year again - intern season! We are very excited to welcome this year's intern group who will be assisting on our Marketing, Creative, Technology and Account Services teams. Get to know a little more about these excellent candidates, their internship, and what they are most excited to learn.

Tessa Miceli – Creative

Tessa Miceli!

My name is Tessa Miceli and I graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA in Graphic Design this past May. I learned about Hileman Group when Zach and Kate came to my college to promote the company and meet potential interns. After meeting with them I was hooked. I researched Hileman Group and learned about how unique they are and all the great work they do. That night I applied for the internship and crossed my fingers. A couple days and an interview later, I was hired as the creative intern and have been thrilled ever since.

This summer, I hope to learn how to apply my degree to the world, as well as help people with my skills. I also want to learn more about what fields of graphic design I’m interested, in whether that be print, digital, web, etc. I am really excited to work on projects that will be used by somebody. Seeing my work being used for its intended purpose is so fulfilling. I am really excited to see all my hard work pay off, even if it is something as small as a banner ad or as big as an infographic. It’s an amazing feeling seeing your work in the world.


Colleen Eschweiler – Account Management 

Colleen Eschweiler

I recently graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Business Administration and a specialization in Marketing. Although the temptation upon graduation is to jump right into a full-time position, I wanted to have time to really consider where my passions were, and take an opportunity that would allow me to have a test-run in the industry before fully committing to the career.

I found Hileman Group when I was a freshman at Bowling Green State University. I was scavenging the internet and stumbled upon it while researching marketing agencies in downtown Cleveland. Back then I didn’t think anything would ever come of my research. You can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw the fidget spinner-looking logo at my campus’ career fair four years later. After conducting even more research on their internship program that was now knocking at my door, I realized that the Account Management position was the perfect intersection of my background in marketing and my passion for working with people and establishing a connection with clients. After discovering how hands-on and immersive the internship was, I realized I couldn’t pass up the incredible experience it would offer me.

This summer, I am hoping to learn about failure. **record scratches** Failure? Yes, failure. Before I continue, you should know that I’m an all-out perfectionist and I’m certainly never trying to fail. However, so far in this position, I’ve learned a lot about jumping into projects head-first without knowing exactly how to proceed. In cases like these, the opportunity for failure looms ahead, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay, it’s actually fun. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn more about my strengths AND weaknesses, take steps of faith even if I don’t have all of the answers, and welcome in the humility that comes with the oopsies that are inevitable.


Matt Schott – Marketing

I currently attend The Ohio State University and major in marketing & operations with a minor in entrepreneurship. Ohio State strongly encourages students to leverage platforms and be proactive on finding opportunities. With Hileman’s listing being so organized and available early on Handshake, the opportunity was always a front-runner in my eyes. The idea of working in an agency was exciting, it ensured I could continue to study and learn through hands on experiences and to be shown a diverse range of work from different companies and services.  

My goal is to gain both a tangible set of skills that I can leverage throughout my career related to either demand generation or marketing operations, and acquire a holistic understanding of the marketing agency world to better help me understand where my passions lie. In short, I’m very excited to try different roles and help out with as much as I can.

While I’m a marketer at heart, I’m very excited to learn about the operational systems that connect everyone and make the Hileman Group succeed. I want to understand what the competitive capabilities are and how the companies’ teams are structured to deliver those promises to clients. On the marketing side, it’s exciting to finally see industry tools like Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Marketo being used at full force.


Martin Peko – Technology 

As a technology intern, I am always looking for problems to solve. That is what made me interested in Hileman Group where we get to work as a team and take on new challenges in a great company culture. With how much the web is constantly changing and the growing importance of digital marketing, I’m very appreciative of this opportunity to dive into learning everything about the industry. I am going into my senior year at Kent State University studying Computer Information Systems and I found Hileman Group through our job-search website called Handshake.

I’ve already learned a lot working at Hileman Group and I hope to make valuable contributions to their team. There’s so many career paths in technology and digital marketing that it can be hard to know which route to take. I love that Hileman Group does executive mentoring and shadowing which is extremely valuable to students in college or recently graduated. Working on a client website build is something I am looking forward to along with learning the different strategies of digital marketing.

We look forward to learning from this bright group this summer and hope to teach them as much as they teach us. Welcome to Hileman Group!

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