May 2021

[webinar] A Review of the Evolving Healthcare Marketing Technology Landscape

Written By: Hileman Group  | 05/25/2021  |  0 comments

According to ChiefMartec, there are over 8,000 solutions in the marketing technology landscape. With a seemingly endless supply of options, how can healthcare systems identify the tools that are right for their organization and leverage these mar-tech stacks to meet their goals?

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Headless CMS: What Is It and How Do We Use It?

Written By: Hileman Group  |  05/05/2021  |  0 comments

Once upon a time, websites were built using HTML, CSS and a lot of other acronyms to make them look pretty and function the way you wanted. Over the years, technology got smarter and content management systems (CMS) were created to allow anyone to create and update websites. As technology evolves, so do new approaches to content management. Enter headless CMS.

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