May 2020

7 Ways to Personalize Your Healthcare Marketing

Written By: Michael Cioffi | 05/26/2020  |  0 comments

In order to enage today's healthcare patients, providers must offer a more personalized experience in their patient engagement. Discover how to create more personal patient connections with these seven strategies. 

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Work on Your Long Game: Engaging Contacts in the Pandemic

Written By: Hileman Group  |  05/07/2020  |  0 comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a sense of urgency for everyone, from sales to marketing and — without a doubt — your leads and clients as well. But if your contacts are going to get their life and business back on track, they need a different kind of value proposition from you. Here’s how you can build toward becoming a trusted advisor in a time of need — and be truly helpful. It starts with making your short-term approach playing the long game.

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