Maximizing the Classy API: An Interview with Dalton Mankin and Abby Whited

By: Caitlin Matsen  | 06/07/2019

On June 11, our very own Dalton Mankin and Abby Whited will be leading a workshop at this year’s Collaborative conference. We sat down to talk with them about the event, their topic, and why it’s an important and helpful session topic for other conference attendees.


So, How’d we get involved in this event?

Classy reached out to us asking if we were available to speak at the Collaborative conference. We started using the Classy platform this year, collaborating with them on the VeloSano website work that we do. We helped VeloSano implement Classy and integrate it with VeloSano’s website, as well as HubSpot.

We’ve done a lot of work with their API, so Classy asked us to speak specifically about this and how we use the API to meet VeloSano’s business goals.

What is your topic?

Our topic is “Maximizing the Classy API to Meet Your Business Goals”. It will be about how we use the API, the obstacles we ran into when integrating Classy, and how we were able to use the API to create solutions. Classy asked us to give our perspective, in order to help other clients as they work with the API.

Why is this topic important to you?

Abby: I’m excited to talk about VeloSano. We are using the API so many different ways for VeloSano, and I’m looking forward to sharing those examples. Also, with Classy being a registration and donation platform, there will be a lot of other great non-profit companies at the conference that I’m looking forward to hearing about as well.

Dalton: It will be exciting to share a lot of the knowledge that we’ve gained working with the Classy API and get to share this information with other non-profit organizations. We get to help them with their efforts as well.

Tell us more about the Classy API?

The Classy API allows us to access data, in our case for VeloSano, to see how many dollars have been raised so far, who is participating, what route people are doing, etc. We then use this data for reporting, to update the website, and for marketing activities.

How has using the API helped in relation with what we do for VeloSano?

We use the API in several different ways for VeloSano. For example, we use it on the website to display the total amount that we’ve raised so far for cancer research, to search for teams and participants, and to show which teams and individuals have raised the most in donations so far. Other uses of the API include marketing automation activities and data reporting. The data reporting aspect is really key for helping make sure VeloSano has all of the information it needs for a successful event weekend.


Thanks, Abby and Dalton, for your time! Learn more about their session here.


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