Marketo Summit 2019: Sessions to Attend

By: Chelsea Kiko  | 03/22/2019

The Marketing Nation Summit is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited! Now that Marketo has a new home at the Adobe Summit, you can expect to meet more like-minded marketers, hear from more top leadership and, let's face it, engage in more fun and activities. To help you prepare for the greatest week in a marketing automation specialist's career, here are a few of the top sessions we recommend you attend this year.

Slicing and Dicing Your Audience: How Segmentation Spices Up Your Marketing
Speaker: Sydney Mulligan, Marketing Technology Consultant, Etumos
Synopsis: Sydney is a 3x Champion and a MCSA so her presentation will surely make others understand segmentation a little more. Segmentation is great for dynamic content, understanding your audience and progressive profiling so be sure to check this out.

Live the Dream: Lightning-Fast Data Synchronization for Your Enterprise
Speakers: Courtney Grimes, Martech Solutions Architect, DemandLab
Miles Ybaben, Technical Support Engineer, Adobe
Synopsis: Courtney is another Champion alumni and known for how technical she can get and help solve complex problems. Data synchronization is important especially when it’s clean and quick for an enterprise instance. Listen to Courtney and an Adobe support engineer as they dive into the details on this important topic.

To Renovate or Rebuild? Marketo's Own Journey to a New Instance 
Speakers: Paul Wilson, Head of Marketing Technology Operations, Adobe
Tori Forte, Sr. Business Consultant, Adobe
Synopsis: Paul Wilson is previously from Perkuto and knows his stuff. I have been following him on LinkedIn for quite some time and seen his sessions before and this will be a great session. Many clients and customers of Marketo have been using the platform for years and as strategy changes and evolves, so does your instance. So, when do you start fresh in a new instance or when do you rebuild? I think this will have great takeaways.

Marketo-Fu Live: Marketo’s Life-Altering Revenue Cycle Models
Speaker: Joe Reitz, Senior Global Technical Training Manager, AWS
Synopsis: Joe is so well-known across the Marketo Community and it shows. He is up for Marketer of the Year Revvie award and everyone raves about his Marketo-Fu videos and now he is hosting one live. He has presented most years and many people love his presentations. At the most basic level, a lifecycle model (also known as a revenue cycle model) is a visual representation of the customer's buying journey. However, there is more to the model than meets the eye. You can use revenue cycle models to create rules to prove how your work is impacting and accelerating the business. So, why do so few people have one in place?

Skinning Schrodinger’s Cat II: Fearless MOPs in the Face of the Unknown
Speakers: Juli James, Assistant Professor, St. Edwards University
Jenn DiMaria, Senior Manager, Client Services, Digital Pi

Synopsis: The paradox, "you don't know what you don't know" applies to how you use Marketo. Marketo offers a lot of great benefits, but how do you get the most out of it and decide what will work best for your organization? This session was another highly rated session last year so they’re back for round two!

On a more personal note, I am a Marketo Revvie finalist this year for Champion of the Year. It's a true honor just to be nominated (and the gala dinner is no joke). I love what I do for a living; I truly believe it's a fantastic time to be a marketer and look forward to learning all the cool new ways we can create and deliver more compelling customer experiences.


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