Marketo Summit 2018: Sessions to Attend

By: Chelsea Kiko  | 04/25/2018

The marketing automation team at Hileman Group is getting excited to attend Marketo Summit this coming week in San Francisco! The headlining speakers alone are definitely something to get excited about. Whether you’re taking skiing lessons with Lindsey Vonn or becoming one of the wild ones at the concert with Flo Rida, this year’s summit has plenty to offer to every type of attendee.

We are also super excited to announce that one of our clients, Cleveland Clinic, is even a finalist for a Revvie award for the Performer category! Here are the top two sessions that we want to highlight for this year. If you only go to a few sessions, these are the 2 you won't want to miss.


1.  Healthcare Meet Up

Rob Barrett of GE Healthcare will be leading a discussion around Marketing Automation in Healthcare, which includes industry trends we have seen while working within this vertical.

Date/Time: May 1 @ 1:30 PM, Room 2009

Details: Ever wonder if you’re the only one struggling with a specific marketing challenge, or if you’re even on the right track?

No set agenda – just a chance to bring your burning questions and share your knowledge and best practices with your peers. Don’t forget your business cards!


2. Don’t Get Lost in the Upside Down of Your Sales Funnel

Hileman’s own Chelsea Kiko (OK, me), along with Chris Saporito from Paycor, will be speaking in a workshop-style session. These sessions are more intimate - a small group setting that gets down into the foundational tips and tricks of Marketo. Plus, I like to nerd out to Stranger Things, so why not present a session in a Stranger Things-themed style?

Date/Time: April 30 @ 4:00 PM, Room 2011

Details: As a strategic marketer, becoming BFFs with your sales team can be challenging. Thankfully, with Marketo, it can be a little easier to earn their trust. This session will show you the power of interesting moments, alerts, and tasks. Learn to use the Marketing Sales Insight (MSI) add-on to strategically nurture your relationship with your account owners by handing off the most engaged leads and helping to push to closed-win status a little quicker. The challenges are vast, from training sales to get them on board to making sure the right type of interesting moments are recorded. Come with us as we take a deep dive into MSI and different ways to utilize the tool to maximize the power of sales alignment.


Top 6 Sessions to See

As an experienced Summit attendee, sessions and topics can become overwhelming. The thought leaders and higher level discussions are great for general marketing practices, but if you want a deep dive into the how-tos of Marketo and strategic tips to take back to implement in your own instance, I highly recommend the champion sessions. These sessions are hosted by top-of-the-industry expert users who have a passion to advocate for Marketo and want to mentor others.

Tip: When creating your schedule, filter by ‘Marketo Technical & Foundational Techniques’ and all the champion sessions will appear. Here are the top 6 I can’t wait to attend. Also, here is a list of all the sessions in case you want to browse.


Cut me some Slack! Leveraging The Slack API With Marketo Webhooks And Bots

Why Attend: I am really interested in the new slack integration, so it’s awesome that there is a session talking about best practices!
Speaker: Erik Heldebro, Chief Marketing Officer, Bambuser
Date/Time: May 1 @ 4:00 PM, Room 2001
Details: Slack is a great tool for reducing emails (which are easily missed) and increasing direct communication with your sales team. The real power of Slack for helping you build alignment with Sales comes from using Marketo Webhooks to send lead alerts directly into Slack. Learn how Slack uses Incoming Webhooks and go the step further with the Slack API by passing message information back to Marketo to be used for more actions.  Complex flow step constraints can ensure only the right (and most valuable) data is passed through. Find out how to build your own custom bot to pass interactive buttons and commands to Slack. You'll see how the Marketo/Slack integration easily connects into your lead management process for Marketing and Sales, and how Marketo can become the brain behind your martech stack, bridging workflows to push custom data to other platforms (like your CRM).


Beyond Channels: What Else To Use To Capture The Data You Really Need

Why Attend: These girls know their stuff. Plain and simple – so I am excited to see how they present different styles of reporting to achieve the end goal and to make executives happy.
Speakers: Emily Thornton, Senior Consultant, Technology at ANNUITAS; Taylor Enfinger, Senior Consultant Technology at ANNUITAS; Jenny Robertson, Vice Present, Technology at ANNUITAS
Date/Time: April 30 @ 2:45 PM, Room 2011
Details: In this session, you will learn how to use channels, tags, fields, and URL parameters to ensure you're capturing the data points you really need for important KPIs and reporting. We will highlight: 1) Channels--the importance of proper channel use and how to set up programs to track activity by channel. 2) Tag utilization. 3) Lead Source tracking. 4) URL Parameters--how to use parameters in forms and for smart campaign tracking and parameter best practices. 4) KPIs, Reporting, and SFDC--recommended KPIs for each channel, reports you can run, and how to tie your data to SFDC. Be sure to pay attention so you can answer pop questions and win prizes along the way!


AWSome Sauce: 10 Marketo Life Lessons From An Enterprise Org

Why Attend: Joe always succeeds in his presentations and delivers great insight. This year, being at Amazon, I am intrigued to see how Amazon handles such a large marketing team in their Marketo strategies.
Speaker: Joe Reitz, Global Technical Training Manager, AWS
Date/Time: April 30 @ 1:30 PM, Room 2010
Details: With over 600 Marketo users at AWS, we've learned a few tricks for getting the most out of Marketo at a global, enterprise scale. Whether you're a small independent B2C startup, or a massive B2B conglomerate, you'll leave this session with 10 actionable tips for your marketing program. We'll talk about our unique training and QA processes, how we manage events, integrations, and a lot more.


Make The Most Out Of Your A/B Testing: What Every Data Driven Marketer Needs To Know

Why Attend: A/B testing is always somewhat unknown to organizations. Marketers always wonder what type of A/B testing needs to happen in order to create better, more engaged leads. Jess has been delivering marketing automation strategies for over 10 years and is a great resource so I am sure she has a good presentation prepared.
Speaker: Jessica Kao, Director of Client Services at Digital Pi
Date/Time: April 30 @ 1:30 PM, Room 2011
Details: As marketers, we want to constantly optimize what we do from email subject lines, to ad copy, to button color, to landing pages, but how do we set up a proper A/B test and avoid letting bad data get to marketers, we want to constantly optimize all our marketing programs, from email subject lines to ad copy to button color to landing pages. How do we set up a proper A/B test and avoid letting bad data lead us astray? In this session you will learn: 1) How to plan your A/B test to get meaningful data, 2) How to avoid the most common testing mistakes, and 3) How to interpret your results to optimize your marketing. In this session you will learn: How to plan your A/B test to get meaningful data How to avoid the most common mistakes How to interpret your results to drive optimization.


Skinning Schrodinger’s Cat: Fearless Marketing When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Why Attend: These two ladies have created a topic that really interests me – and not typical to what you see for presentations. I always struggle with a million ways to achieve the same goal in Marketo, so this session will hopefully clear some of that stuff up.
Speakers: Jenn DiMaria, Marketing Automation Consultant, RevEngine Marketing; Juli James, Assistant Professor, St. Edwards University
Date/Time: April 30 @ 4:00 PM, Room 2001
Details: There are multiple ways to do everything in Marketo, but if you’re like most of us, you don’t always know what you don’t know, and figuring out how to do something can become tricky business. The good news is you don’t have to rip your hair out deciding what works best for your organization. In this session, you’ll learn: The pros and cons (and compromises!) of how we’ve set up multiple Marketo systems to accomplish the same goal in different ways. Tips and tricks about what you know you need, but have been worried about tackling, including Data Management, Tokens, Global Forms, Campaigns, and Data Processing. What we wish we’d known going into Marketo so we could have set up better campaigns from day one. Plus, you’ll get recommendations on how to fill in any knowledge gaps so you can become a Fearless Marketo user and your company’s go-to source for automation expertise.


Strengthen Sales & Marketing Alignment: Develop Real-Time Alerts with Actionable Insights

Why Attend: Last, but certainly not least, I am excited to see a fellow Clevelander present a topic really similar to mine – I love getting different perspectives on the same topic.
Speaker: Dan Stevens, Senior Director, Digital Marketing Operations at Avanade
Date/Time: May 1 @ 10:15 AM, Room 2011
Details: A common best practice when deploying and establishing an effective integrated marketing automation platform--or even enhancing a mature environment--is to ensure there is strong alignment between Sales and Marketing. One of the ways to achieve this is to maximize the use of Marketo’s real-time alerts to keep sales informed in a timely manner. But many people don’t realize the power that these alerts can have when applying them to specific use cases or the kind of data and insights they can contain.


We hope to see some of you at Summit. Whether it is at the local parties, networking sessions or learning tracks – feel free to reach out to [email protected] for lunch, dinner or happy hour!



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