Marketo Summit 2017: A Recap

By: Alex Greger  | 04/28/2017

Still recovering from the week? Me too – what a week it has been! Marketo made some major announcements at its #MKTGNATION Summit earlier this week. 

James Corden had us all cracking up laughing and even got Steve Lucas, CEO of Marketo, to sing on stage with him! James also had some great inspirational comments about engaging with your audience and what great content is:

"I think we're all better people when we're being more true to ourselves." – @JKCorden #MKTGnation

Below see a quick recap of some of the top releases, breakouts, keynotes and more!

New Announcements

I thought last year was loaded with announcements and new features that Marketo was bringing on board. Boy, was I wrong! Marketo announced a huge partnership with Infor to begin building a more integrated platform for your marketing and sales teams. This partnership demonstrates the future of a fully engaged platform, from top of the funnel down. There were also plenty of other product-specific announcements we are excited about:

  1. Ad Bridge enhancements – Allows you to utilize LinkedIn Lead Gen forms to directly integrate into Marketo, pushing leads from within engagement programs to precisely time when a prospect or customer should be targeted throughout their lifecycle. Synchronized list pulled from the two platforms ensure your customized audiences are always up to date.
  2. Enhanced UX – A whole new interface with additional tagging, approval and other features. This new design will replicate what we have seen recently with their latest features – a more flat and modern design to the platform.
  3. Updated Dashboards and Analytics – With all the data Marketo collects, they realized it would be great to share it with their users! They have created a benchmark tab that allows you to see how your campaigns compare to others within your industry. Creating different types of drag-and-drop dashboards, including C-suite level reporting and roll-up reporting, allows you to adjust how you report, based on the audience.

Favorite Breakout Sessions

We can’t forget about the breakout sessions. There were so many great sessions, it was hard to choose which to go to!  Each presentation was from some of the best Marketo employees, industry leaders and Marketo experts out there. Below are a few I heard that were outstanding:

  • Shake the Funk! The Data Behind Deliverability & How to Stay Clean – Jacob Hansen, & Matt Rushing, SendGrid

    Key takeaways:  In this session, we learned how to measure and analyze deliverability within the Marketo platform, as well as best practices for getting your email in the inbox! It all starts with maintaining a clean database, controlling the amount of emails a record should receive, and putting the right pieces in place to optimize your send. Using SPF, DKIM and DMARs are all best practices, but also look at using a subdomains for sending so your company's email practices do not affect your marketing.
  • In the Trenches: Fighting to Keep Data Integrity – Jenny Roberson, Sarah Shelnut & Taylor Efinger, Annuitas

    Key takeaways: Learning news ways to structure data management programs is a great way to maintain an optimal database. This includes auditing your database, maintaining a clean database over time and making sure your data is set up for reporting.
  • What They Didn’t Teach You at ABM School – Joe Chernov, InsightSquared

    Key takeaways: This session gave a download about how to drive the most success out of your ABM programs, with takeaways for beginners and experts alike. The keys for success are making sure you are aligned with your sales team, as well as finding early wins and champions to help get buy-in with the full team.

All in all, The Marketing Nation Summit was a great motivational and educational event. I was able to bring back all kinds of knowledge and takeaways to further help my clients and team!


Have a Question About Marketo?

If you attended Marketing Nation and are still unsure on a topic, or had a great idea but not sure how to implement it, come check out our next webinar coming up next week!  We will review Marketo pain points or questions from the audience, as well as review some best practices that will help you get off on the right foot – or maintain your stride – building your Marketo instance. Register here!


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