March 2022

[webinar] Automation Trends & Key Initiatives in Healthcare Revisited

Written By: Hileman Group  | 03/11/2022  |  0 comments

In May 2021, a co-sponsored study surveyed 118 healthcare leaders from health systems across the country to review how healthcare organizations invest and evolve their automation efforts. Join marketing leaders from across the industry as they revisit this data and see how these organizations have continued to adjust their automation roadmap and what they see as the future trend for this coming year.

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How Accessibility and Inclusivity Have Changed the Way We Use the Web

Written By: Hileman Group  |  03/04/2022  |  0 comments

Having an accessible and inclusive website (one that is ADA compliant) makes it easier for more people to interact with your business online. From people with varying experiences using the web to people with various disabilities, accessibility is a key feature in establishing your business has a trustworthy presence online. 

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