March 2015

The Importance of Integration

Written By: Tom Hileman | 03/17/2015  |  0 comments

Integration, in a nutshell, enables external systems to exchange information.  The external systems could be social media connectors, CRM connectors, e-commerce interfaces, enterprise infrastructure and third party data sources.

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Six Ways to Boost Your Website’s Lead Flow By the End of the Day

Written By: Kyle Chandler |  03/05/2015  |  0 comments

There’s no secret remaining for boosting lead generation and website performance today. With lead tracking capabilities made possible by Marketing Automation software today, it’s clear where ROI comes from. Most of us have heard the old marketing comment, “I know half my marketing is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” Now, with Marketing Automation software, we know.

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3 Emerging Channels to Fill the Top of the Funnel

Written By: Tom Hileman |  03/04/2015  |  0 comments

As small to mid-sized businesses begin to invest in marketing automation, it is common for them to focus on the middle of the funnel tactics in a goal to convert more end users. However this mentality leaves the top of the funnel, and the funnel as a whole, empty.

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Marketing Automation Matters

Written By: Kyle Chandler |  03/03/2015  |  0 comments

In the fall of 2013, Hileman Group launched our Lunch & Learn series, an interactive, educational event designed to communicate the latest marketing initiatives over the lunch hour,  In this, our first of the series, we discussed Marketing Automation and how it can help organizations streamline the marketing and sales processes.

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3 Most Important Questions for Improving Lead Generation ROI

Written By: Kyle Chandler |  03/02/2015  |  0 comments

B-to-B companies today rely on their websites to generate a steady stream of qualified leads. But too many companies focus on improving their search engine rankings (certainly important!) without following through on critically examining their websites: does it do as much as it can in converting passing visitors into actual sales opportunities?

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