The Value of MarTech Stack Planning: Your Questions Answered

By: Caitlin Matsen  | 02/21/2019

On Tuesday, we hosted a webinar about the value of MarTech stack planning, alongside Scott Mowery, Senior Director of Digital Operations at Cleveland Clinic. MarTech stacks are a collection of technologies that help marketers gather data, as well as attract and interact with customers.

In this webinar, we walk you through the various reasons MarTech stacks are valuable for your marketing efforts and the importance of planning these stacks. Here are the answers to the questions asked in the webinar.

What is the difference between MarTech and AdTech?

AdTech deals more with advertising technology, such as campaigns, ads and the data/metrics that go with it, while MarTech deals more with technology that allows for interactions with your customers (email marketing, A/B testing, surveys, personalization, etc.). Also, AdTech tends to include software/tools used by agencies while MarTech tends to be used by the organizations themselves. Some organizations will split AdTech and MarTech out as separate stacks while others combine them all into one stack.

Where can I get more info about MarTech?

Kyle: has a ton of information and there are also a lot of other vendors that also talk about this information: HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, etc.
Scott: I look a lot on Twitter; I check out the hashtags. You can find information in the #martech hashtag as well as following MarTech Advisor (@martechadvisor). There, you can find a bunch of subject matter experts and start to digest this information at your own pace.

What areas of MarTech do you expect to see the most growth from in the next 2-3 years?

The important growth areas for MarTech include artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, voice search (Alexa, etc.), and a growing consolidation of technology by various companies, such as Adobe acquiring Marketo. These growing technologies allow for closer contact with the consumer and have benefits such as content personalization.


What piece of MarTech should every advertiser have in their toolbelt or spend the most time on improving?

Scott: I always go back to having a web analytics tool. You need to be able to measure what you are doing, and need some kind of mechanism that can help inform your decisions. You can also eventually add more tools there, if necessary.
Kyle: Agreed, it’s hard to argue with that, from a measurement perspective, that tool is most important. It may be cheating, but a marketing automation system that has web analytics, where they give you a little bit of both.

Scott: Agreed, that does tie both together. 

Thanks again to Scott Mowery for joining us in this webinar! To listen to the webinar on-demand, just click on the image below.


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