LinkedIn Targeting Now Available in Bing Search

By: Kim Sullivan  | 11/14/2018

Two years after Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, we are finally seeing what we have been waiting for – profile targeting which leverages LinkedIn data for search campaigns in Bing. Previously, data from LinkedIn was only available to be utilized through Microsoft Audience network.

This is huge news for Bing advertisers, especially those in the B2B space. Being able to target by company, job function, and industry will be an extremely helpful tool – and Bing is the only one with this capability at this time due to their access to LinkedIn data. It gives Bing a competitive advantage over Google and their limited demographic targeting options.

Bing has made it very easy for advertisers to add this targeting to their current campaigns and ad groups. Simply go to the settings tab of the campaign that you are trying to add the targeting to and edit the target categories. You are also able to apply bid modifiers to the targeting in order to ensure you are reaching your intended audience. They are currently offering bid only targeting, and you can utilize this new data for text ads, shopping, and any other search-related Bing products.

Although this targeting is a great addition to Bing search, you are not able to directly exclude an audience, or exclusively target an audience.

You may be asking “great, but why not just run LinkedIn ads?” One reason is that LinkedIn is notoriously hard for smaller businesses to run advertising in due to their high CPCs. This allows those advertisers to have access to LinkedIn audiences without paying the higher cost. Also, it allows you to bid more for those LinkedIn audiences who are now searching on Bing, getting you in front of more qualified prospects.

Lastly, LinkedIn does not have the most intuitive platform when it comes to advertising, making it more difficult than Bing to launch and run campaigns (although they appear to be making updates, which will hopefully help with that!).

B2B advertisers should most definitely get started on testing out this new audience targeting in Bing. Some B2C advertisers may also want to test this new capability, as people’s professional lives may influence their purchasing behaviors. For example, an advertiser selling a high-ticket item may want to reach those users that they know make more money (CEOs, VPs, etc.).

LinkedIn Profile Targeting is currently in beta, so you will need to reach out to your rep in order to get started.


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