Life After Mobilegeddon: Now What?

By: Michelle Law  | 05/06/2015

In response to Mobilegeddon, we monitored several key terms and phrases before and after the Big Event. We recorded their Google ranking on several devices along with their mobile-friendliness as determined by Google. Now in the wake of Mobilegeddon, we can share our findings from this Google algorithm update.

After reviewing our data set, we found several small changes in search engine rankings across both mobile-friendly and non-mobile-friendly sites. However, neither appeared to be the grand winner and we can call the fluctuation moderate at best. Overall, our data doesn’t reveal the grandiose algorithm change predicted. Admittedly, our data set is only a small sample, so we looked to see what SEO industry leader, Moz, reported.
Moz has created MozCast, a tool that offers a “weather report” that exhibits the instability in the Google Algorithm. Looking at the “weather” for April 21st and the days surrounding it, there is only a marginal jump compared to the average. This insignificant change complements our in-house research, reaffirming that the predicted algorithm change was not as dramatic as many predicted. A recent blog post by Dr. Peter J. Meyers of Moz also confirmed that no major sites had reported a large hit.
Although this algorithm update may not be as momentous as anticipated, there were still some abrupt changes that were made in mobile search engines result pages. For starters, apps can be indexed easier by Google and are now ranking more prominently in Google mobile searches. There is also a growing increase in the number of “Mobile-Friendly” tags appearing next to results in search engines. A third large change is that URLs will be replaced by breadcrumb-like descriptions in mobile results.
Even with these changes, Mobilegeddon didn’t prove as dramatic as expected, likely because Google was already taking mobile-friendly factors into account. Many mobile-friendly best practices are already identified factors of the Google algorithm (page speed, flash usage, etc.). As mentioned in our last Mobilegeddon blog post, we believe that Mobilegeddon is just the beginning of the move towards mobile. We expect there to be future announced, or likely unannounced, algorithm updates that will build upon providing a better experience for mobile users.  
Did you see any significant changes in your mobile search results? Let us know in the comments below!


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