June 2022

Overcoming Service Line Marketing Challenges in Healthcare

Written By: Hileman Group | 06/30/2022  |  0 comments

What are the biggest challenges healthcare organizations face when it comes to service line marketing? This and many other questions will be answered in a panel discussion featuring our very own Tom Hileman and marketing executives from 3 of the top hospital systems in the country at the 2022 SHSMD Connections, taking place September 11-14.

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The Nuances of Marketing for a Children’s Hospital

Written By: Hileman Group |  06/15/2022  |  0 comments

While no one wants to think about needing care, you do want the pediatric population to choose your hospital system when they do end up needing you. But the implementation of children’s healthcare marketing programs is not the same as adult programs. Here are 4 nuances of children’s healthcare marketing.

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