June 2017

How to Use Twitter Lists to Improve Your Social Presence

Written By: Michelle Law | 06/28/2017  |  0 comments

A Twitter list is defined as, “a curated group of Twitter accounts.” Twitter lists allow you to filter out noise from Twitter and zero in on the conversations you want to hear and join. Viewing a list timeline will only show you Tweets from the accounts on that list. It all sounds great, but you may be wondering how to use Twitter lists? We have got you covered! Here are seven use cases that can help improve your social presence.

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Are You Ready for the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)?

Written By: Alex Greger |  06/21/2017  |  0 comments

Canada released their electronic messaging laws way back in 2014, giving businesses 3 years to become compliant. Starting July 1, 2017, the law comes into full effect enforcing private right of action, meaning private citizens now have the ability to take businesses and individuals to court for not complying to opt-in rules. Are you ready?

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Warming Up Cold Calls

Written By: Scott Taylor |  06/14/2017  |  0 comments

The phone is a powerful tool, but, by the looks of many blog posts circulating the internet, it’s likely not being used as successfully as it could be in a sales/prospecting situation. While many organizations are successful running a sales team solely around prospecting through a cold calling strategy, there are ways to “warm up” these calls through digital marketing tactics. 

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5 Examples of Great Healthcare Content Marketing

Written By: Michelle Law |  06/07/2017  |  0 comments

You've probably heard by now that creating useful content should be at the heart of your marketing efforts. Consumers like to research – in fact, studies show that 81% of consumers research online before buying. The same is true in the healthcare industry, with 86% of patients conducting a health-related search before booking a doctor’s appointment. The strategic approach of content marketing helps those patients access good content to help them make good decisions. The following is a compilation of five outstanding healthcare content marketing campaigns. 

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