Meet the 2018 Interns!

By: Lea Titas  | 05/23/2018

It's intern season again at Hileman Group and we couldn't be more excited (we finally have people to fetch us coffee!). This year, we have several great candidates to assist on our Marketing, Creative, Technology and Account Services teams. Get to know a little about why they chose an internship and what they hope to learn. When we check back in with them at the end of the summer, we'll see if they achieved their goals!


Gwendolyn (GWEN) Brunot – Creative 


I found out about Hileman Group through The University of Akron’s career fair. From a quick research on Hileman Group’s website, this appeared to me to be a company that does quality creative and professional work for local and prestigious companies. My career interests looked as if they aligned with what they do, since I study graphic design and computer science, so I enjoy both the technical and the practical aspects of design. This intrigued me to further investigate and to speak with them at the career fair. I felt that they were excited to be there and were really interested to speak with me. They spoke very energetically about Hileman Group and this gave me a very good feeling about their work environment and the company.

What most excites me about interning at Hileman Group this summer is to work with this diverse and lively team and to observe and take in all the knowledge offered to me by my own and other Hileman Group teams. I am very grateful to be working here and to be able to have this experience and I hope to get as much out of it as possible.


Victoria (ToRI) Schurr – Account Management 


I just completed my junior year at the University of Akron and I am double majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications and Marketing Management with a focus in Data Analytics. Although I attend UA, I am originally from the Pittsburgh area.

Marketing is such a broad field with many different career paths. This is great because I could choose to do anything, but, with so many options, it is also tough to make a decision. Throughout my coursework and various professional development events I attended, I began to lean towards two different career paths. I wanted to try being on a digital marketing team for a corporation and I also wanted to test out working for an agency. I have previously interned for an industry leader in mid-tier jewelry on their PR and Social Media team, but I had yet to experience the agency side of marketing.

I came across Hileman Group while researching companies who would be attending a career fair at my university. After reading through the internship program, I was inspired more by the company in and of itself. I could see myself filling quite a few different intern positions. The company approach was to teach students like me how to take what we have learned conceptually and turn it into application. It was to give us real world experience and projects that we could be proud of. I also fell in love with the core values, “Client First, Always and Above All Else, Winning Together, Make Mom Proud, Do Great Work, and Growth-Oriented.” I wanted to be all of those things. Many companies have core values, but Hileman Group lives and breathes them. There is a huge wall in the office with these values painted across it. That was the kind of company I wanted to work for.  


Sarah Selzer – Marketing 


As a Visual Communication Technology major at Bowling Green State University, I need 3 co-ops in my field of study to graduate. HG’s web marketing internship is a full-time, paid opportunity that not only provides practical learning opportunities, but also offers the chance to work on real client projects, and work side by side with industry professionals in my chosen field of digital marketing.

This internship represents several ‘firsts’ for me as it is my first time working for an agency rather than a single organization, as well as my first analytics-based internship as I have been mostly design-based. I am eager to experience a fast-paced corporate environment and to expand and enhance my skill sets. As an HG intern, I hope to learn what tools professional marketers use to compile and analyze data and how to use that information to inform decisions and execute strategies. Additionally, I look forward to working downtown and seeing all that Cleveland has to offer.


Nathan Walls – TECHNOLOGY 


My name is Nathan Walls, and this summer I will be experiencing Hileman Group’s Technology Internship program. Although I’m interested in all types of software development, web development has been my primary interest for some time now. I have used a handful of web related frameworks, like SpringMVC, Node.js, and Microsoft’s .NET, but the concept of Content Management Systems is particularly interesting to me.

In the past year, I helped my mom set up a WordPress site, and although it was a decent “build-a-site” option, it felt bad to make compromises. Although it’s touted as being very customizable without technical knowledge, oftentimes she found herself unable to do what she wanted. We found that a large amount of functionality is dependent on add-ons that may or may not be actively worked on by small development teams. This is the main reason I was drawn to Hileman Group—building custom web solutions that are easy to modify and update by non-technical people is an interesting challenge.

One of the projects I will be working on as an intern will be building or redesigning a website with the other interns, either for something internal, or for a (willing) client. Building something from the ground up as a team is something I’m really looking forward to! In this vein, the other thing I’m looking forward to in this internship is the opportunity to practice communication. I am always looking to learn more about and practice technical communication, as it’s one of the biggest time wasters in the software development industry. 


Caitlin Matsen – Marketing 


I recently graduated from Wake Forest University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in the Arts; my major was communication with a minor in psychology. The field of marketing has fascinated me ever since I took a course on the subject and I subsequently became interested in the field of digital marketing. I am curious and eager to learn the tools and methods behind digital marketing, which is why I applied for an internship position at Hileman Group. Upon interviewing, I was immediately interested in the company due to their energy and knowledge about the field, how organized and immersive the internship program was presented, and the cohesive environment. I am excited to do work for both the marketing department and account services.

I hope to become proficient in digital marketing terms and tools, and I am excited to learn and use this knowledge through projects and work with clients. I look forward to working on a team and gaining insight and experience in the marketing field.


We are excited to have these bright minds with us for the entire summer and hope they learn from us as much as we can learn from them. Welcome to Hileman Group!



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