Intern Takeover 2019

By: Caitlin Matsen  | 07/25/2019

It’s that time of the year again, National Intern Day! We have a group of fabulous interns this summer, who have helped out with a myriad of projects, so to celebrate they are taking over our social media for the day! Follow along as they show you what a day in the life of a Hileman Group intern looks like.

But first, they’ve answered a few questions to help you get to know them:

Colleen Eschweiler

Education (school, year, major(s)/minor(s)): I just graduated with a business degree and a specialization in marketing from Bowling Green State University this past May! Talons up.
Position at HG:  I am the Account Management Intern for Hileman Group this summer and am loving my position and team!
What is a little known fact about you?: I may or may not have slightly funny and overwhelmingly embarrassing Instagram story highlights. You can check ‘em out at @colleen_graceee. Some of my favs live in the highlights “a ha-ha for u,” “Young Coco,” “Extermination,” and “Silly Me.”
Coffee, Tea, or Nada? And why?: I love an occasional vanilla latte, but really only when I’m meeting up with friends. When I’m on my own, water is what keeps me going throughout my day. I know if I started to drink anything else habitually, I would surely develop an obsession.
What is your favorite quote? And why?: My favorite quote is “This love from Him is not something we must struggle for, earn, or fear to lose. We were made for such a love.” This quote is about the love of God, and how it is unlike anything else we can try to fill ourselves up with. In a world of earning and striving, this message reminds me that I already have the acceptance and adoration I desire, and no amount of failure can take it away. Hallelu.
What is your favorite TV Show? And why?: FRANS. Ahem, Friends. I LOVE FRIENDS! I don’t think I could ever grow tired of Ross’ nerdiness, Monica’s OCD, Joey’s stupidity, Rachel’s extra-ness, Chandler’s one-liners, and Phoebe’s songs.
Who is your role model? And why?: I wanna say Beyonce because she’s one fierce lady, but I probably look up to my mom and her tender, compassionate, gentle, and servant-like heart the most.
What is your favorite animal? And why?: I like the underdog animals. (pun intended) But I’m talking donkeys, goats, chipmunks, and ducks. These cuties are often overlooked, so I tend to root for them.

Matt Schott

Education (school, year, major(s)/minor(s)): I’m currently a rising senior at The Ohio State University, and this coming May I will graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration with specializations in both Marketing and Operations. I will also be graduating with minors in entrepreneurship and leadership.
Position at HG: This summer at Hileman, I’ve worked as the Digital Marketing Specialist Intern. This means I’ve spent plenty of time working in Marketo instances, making SEO recommendations, and learning about the wide world of digital.
What is a little known fact about you?: My hidden talent is juggling. I’ve got a solid 5-6 tricks up my sleeve.
Coffee, Tea, or Nada? And why?: Black coffee, the bitterer the better.
What is your favorite quote? And why?: "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." -Mark Twain ; I’m naturally a pretty reflective person, and I’ve always been drawn to the unconventional. Who better to quote than Twain when you feel like that?
What is your favorite TV Show? And why?: Jeopardy, I grew up watching it with my family and there's never been a bad episode. 
What is your favorite animal? And why?: A tortoise: Old, slow, and wise.

Tessa Miceli 

Education (school, year, major(s)/minor(s)): Cleveland Institute of Art, Graphic Design 2019
Position at HG: Creative Intern
What is a little known fact about you?: I am an ordained minister and officiated my sister’s wedding last summer.
Coffee, Tea, or Nada? And why?: Tea. No reason.
What is your favorite quote? And why?: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna.
What is your favorite TV Show? And why?: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Because it’s my humor.
What is your favorite animal? And why?: Penguins. All species. They’re funny.

Martin Peko 

Education (school, year, major(s)/minor(s)): I’m going into my senior year at Kent State University with a major in Computer Information Systems.
Position at HG:  Technology/web development intern. I work with backend technologies such as C# and APIs to make custom web applications for clients.
What is a little known fact about you?:  I love listening to business podcasts and learning about new technologies. Technology moves so quickly that it’s important to stay up to date on everything on where the world is going.
Coffee, Tea, or Nada? And why?:  Both. I recently became a big coffee person but ice tea is perfect for a hot summer day.
What is your favorite quote? And why?:  “Trust the process.” I love this quote because I set big long term goals for myself, so it’s important to remind yourself to be patient and trust the process in your day to day while staying aligned with your long term goals. Nobody actually woke up an overnight success, so I try to focus on having good habits and investing in things which offer compound interest such as knowledge, stocks, and relationships.
What is your favorite TV Show? And why?: The Office. Netflix if you’re reading this please don’t drop the show.
Who is your role model? And why?:  Reid Hoffman. His podcast Masters of Scale contains fascinating insights into how companies like Facebook, Instagram, Uber, and more scaled from an idea to billion dollar businesses. I couldn’t believe it was free from how valuable the advice on that podcast is. If you’re looking for good episodes, my favorites are “To scale, you must master the skill of storytelling w/Charity: Water’s Scott Harrison”, “The case for bootstrapping w/Mailchimp’s Ben Chestnut,” and “Instagram’s Kevin Systrom – Keep it simple while scaling big.”
What is your favorite animal? And why?: Dogs and koalas. I’d highly recommend icanteven and koalas.lover on Instagram as my go tos for cute videos.


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