How Social Influencers Can Move the Needle on an Advertising Campaign

By: Caitlin Matsen  | 04/24/2019

Every day we make thousands of decisions. In fact, it is estimated that adults consciously make about 35,000 decisions each day, so how do we decide and who do we rely on to help inform our various decisions?

We almost always rely on the sources we trust to provide us with credible information and knowledge, whether those sources are family, friends, or search engines. Now many technology users are influenced by their media consumption as well. This is the idea behind influencer marketing, which differs from traditional celebrity endorsements as it relies instead on organically successful social media users with a large following. Many of these influencers are not “famous”, but have garnered a large following and influence in a niche market or industry due to their knowledge, social output and the trust users place in them.

But how can social influencers really help advertising campaigns and how should you go about an influencer marketing campaign? Here are a few ways:


Setting Goals and Expectations

Before you beginning looking for and researching social media influencers and before you begin developing your campaign, you must first consider what your goals and outcomes for this campaign should look like. This will help you better understand and narrow down who you should work with and reach out to, what social platform you should use and what you want the content to look like. This will help you stay on task and stay centered on what needs to be accomplished.


Who, what, where?

As you begin to move forward with your influencer campaign, begin to consider and decide what influencers to reach out to. Factors to consider include: the expertise of the influencer, the social reach of their platform, the audience demographic that follows them and if the influencers brand matches your goal and campaign. Take the time to partner with an influencer who shares a consistent look, feel and values with your advertising campaign and target audience.


How can this help your campaign?

Influencer marketing, when done well, can allow you to reach a broader audience and impact their decisions. Choose your social platforms carefully and take an authentic approach as you partner with influencers in order to make the user experience feel organic. Partnering with influencers that match your campaign and empowering them with the right information, while also allowing them to control aspects of the creative approach can help make your campaign a success and help build trust in your brand and campaign.


The results of several campaign successes and statistics can speaks volumes about the power of influencer marketing. EMarketer reports that about 89% of respondents believe influencer marketing can positively affect how consumers view a brand. HubSpot reports that in another recent study of marketers from various industries, 94% believe influencer marketing is an effective advertising campaign strategy.

Influencer marketing is a unique and powerful way to reach your audience, and as social media continues to grow, will likely continue to be a viable marketing tactic.

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