#HilemanTakeover - November

By: Lea Titas  | 11/17/2016

We know what you're thinking... it's been a while since someone has taken over Hileman Group's social media, right?  That's what we thought, too!  So, we've brought in the big guns:  our Senior Demand Generation Analyst, Michelle Law!  If there's anyone who knows social media, it's her.  Follow her on our Twitter and Instagram feeds all day to watch her play on social media... which is, um, pretty much what she does for a living anyway!

But first, a little about Michelle:

  1. Name: Michelle Law
  2. Nickname: Mishi or The Law (as pegged by my colleagues)
  3. Hometown: Sylvania, OH
  4. Education: THE Ohio State University
  5. Position at Hileman Group: Sr. Demand Generation Analyst
  6. What does your desk look like: There are lots of lists and reports with notes…but most importantly, the Hileman Group Fantasy Football trophy (reigning champ since 2014)!
  7. Favorite part of your job: I love the ability to run creative tests and back them with analytics. I can have fun and experiment with the test subject at hand, but, at the same time, I get concrete data to support or disprove the theory.
  8. Cats or dogs: Cats! I am a cat mom to a furry feline named Tiger.
  9. What do you usually do after work? I enjoy playing soccer, watching Netflix with Tiger and shreddin’ the gnar (aka snowboarding).
  10. Favorite sports team: THE Ohio State Buckeyes
  11. Favorite song: Green Eyes - Coldplay
  12. Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese

And there you have it!  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram throughout the day today!

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