#HilemanTakeover - February

By: Lea Titas  | 02/19/2016

Welcome to another round of #HilemanTakeover!  Today's special guest is Calli Roberts, Marketing Strategist here at Hileman Group.  Let's give her a big round of applause!!  As we've done in the past, follow the #HilemanTakeover hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to get a glimpse of who Calli is, as well as an inside look at life within our office!

  1. Name: Calli Roberts
  2. Hometown: Olmsted Falls, 3rd generation Bulldog
  3. Education: Proud University of Dayton Alumni. Go Flyers!
  4. Position at Hileman Group: Marketing Strategist
  5. What does your desk look like: A combination of marketing magazines, multiple to-do lists, coffee mugs, line up sheets (see #8)…and I have developed quite a high heel collection underneath my desk, I’m always prepared for a meeting!
  6. Favorite part of your job: The people at Hileman Group. We are truly a group of nice, passionate, talented people…it makes work fun.
  7. Cats or dogs: Dogs. I have a 1 year old terrier mix who has the vertical jump of a NBA basketball player (not kidding).
  8. What do you usually do after work?: Volleyball!!! I coach the 13 Elite Volleyball Team at Maverick Volleyball Club and in the summer, I play in beach volleyball tournaments. I also love Pure Barre!
  9. Coffee, tea, or nada: Both…until it is time for wine ☺
  10. Favorite sports team: Cleveland Browns
  11. Favorite movie: Iron Jawed Angles

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram to view her updates throughout the day today!

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