#HilemanTakeover - The Intern Edition

By: Lea Titas  | 07/12/2017

It's been a while since we've done one of these, huh? But, this summer we've been lucky enough to have 4 interns, working in various departments around Hileman Group and they've been itching to take over our social media. So, we've decided to "unleash the beasts". Follow them on Twitter and Instagram all day today to see how they've been spending their summer vacation!

But first, a little about them...

  1. Name: Gaby
  2. Hometown: San Jose, CA
  3. Education: Cleveland Institute of Art
  4. Position at Hileman Group: Creative/Visual Design Intern
  5. What does your desk look like: A plethora of papers, pens, sketches, and a cup of tea.
  6. What is your morning routine: 7 AM - beat my alarm clock by 5 minutes, but also upset that I could’ve slept for 5 more minutes. Roll off of bed, make a caffeinated beverage (current choice is homemade cold brew), and got to get that winged eyeliner looking sharp to take on the day.
  7. Coffee, tea, or nada: First choice is tea, but coffee is okay, too.
  8. Favorite sports team: Chilean National Soccer Team (sorry Dad!)

  1. Name: Jen
  2. Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
  3. Education: University of Dayton
  4. Position at Hileman Group: Account Management Intern
  5. What does your desk look like: Lots and lots of Post-it notes!
  6. Favorite quote: “Cleveland, this is for you!” -- Lebron James
  7. Cats or dogs: Both.
  8. What do you usually do after work? Put on sweats and watch an embarrassing amount of bad reality TV.

  1. Name: Caitlyn
  2. Hometown: Mentor, Ohio
  3. Education: The Ohio State University
  4. Position at Hileman Group: Development Intern
  5. What does your desk look like: Lots of notes, a few books, and, of course, my laptop.
  6. Coffee, tea, or nada: Coffee
  7. Favorite part of your job: I learn something new every day!

  1. Name: Alicia
  2. Hometown: Fremont, California
  3. Education: Case Western Reserve University
  4. Position at Hileman Group: Marketing Intern
  5. What does your desk look like: Apparently similar to Jen’s because...Post-it notes.
  6. Favorite book: Harry Potter! The 3rd one.
  7. Favorite song: I listen to the Captain America March to get past the midday slump.


They're a lot of fun, so be sure to follow them throughout the day on our Twitter and Instagram feeds!

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